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Ariel Kalma - An Evolutionary Music - Dir. Matthew McGuigan

25 minutes well spent. Enjoy. 

Music, for me, is the closest thing to silence. Once you take the words out, once you take the mind out, and you leave everything inside, for me that is music. Music is the closest thing to silence.
—  Ariel Kalma
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Healing Light Comfort Zone Episode 15: For Caesar
Many thanks to Caesar for his three years of love and awesomeness as well as friend of the show Ariel Kalma for his beautiful new album “Galactica Electronica.”

Eroc - Kleine Eva
Eroc - Des Zauberers Traum
Panabrite - Crystal Dawn Eject
Panabrite - Softsoil
Panabrite - Moonrise
Ariel Kalma - The Flight of Alshain
Ariel Kalma - Galactica Electronica 2
Ariel Kalma - Omega Centauri