ariel icon


I stumbled upon this portrait by Giovanni Boldini purely by chance while looking for stuff on Google images. I only saw the miniature at first and mistook the right end of the coat/dress for a foamy wave, and thought it was a stormy beach scene. Made me think of Ariel immediately ! I clicked on the pic and realized it was completely different though. But… why not ? :) Loved the flow of the pose and Edwardian feel. Just added the iconic wave !

Ariel looks very wistful here. Maybe Eric turned out to be a douche after all (or does he have smelly feet ?) and now she longs to go back to the sea. Don’t give up everything to follow a pretty boy you just met, I guess :D No worries, daddy got yo back.


Happy Pride Month !!! 

Here are some quick Bi icons - if you want a specific character with a specific flag, just shoot me an ask and I’ll whip it up! Just please be aware they need to be Non/Disney animated icons cause no one wants to see me edit real human beings!! 

Please don’t claim these as your own and like or reblog if you use them ^^