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Do you have any recommendations for historical au fics? Thanks!

Hi anon! I sure do! Historical AUs, some w/ magic, others w/ no magic:

Unsinkable by Speechwriter 

T, 5 Chapters, WIP.

He: a young man long since raised from poverty, now on the verge of inheriting a magnate’s business in the 1910s. She: an impoverished young woman on her way to start a new life in America. In short: Tom Marvolo Riddle, Hermione Jean Granger, and one voyage on the RMS Titanic - and how it would change their lives forever.

Stepbrother by cherry cup

M, Horror/Romance, 9 chapters, WIP.

The Grangers adopt a young Tom Riddle, and seal their daughter’s fate forever. Set in the 30s-40s. AU.

The Smuggler by tellmesomethingnew

M, Romance/Crime, 1 Chapter, WIP.

In year of 1957, the step-daughter of Andrew Ryan is desperate to escape from Rapture and be able to finally put the past behind her. To do so, she seeks the help of a famous Smuggler by the name of Tom Riddle, who just might be more than what she thought she needed.

Diabolic by Freya Ishtar

M, Romance/Supernatural, 3 Chapters, WIP.

When aristocrat Tom Riddle hires on Hermione Granger as tutor for his ward Draco, her life changes. Whispers from dark corners & fleeting glimpses of things that shouldn’t be make her question if monsters are real. How long can the seductive rouse of her employers keep her from learning the truth? *A Victorian Era Vampire Tale* (Triad Fic)

Comfortable by Meowmers

M, Romance, One-Shot, Complete.

He knew from the moment the little Weasley girl forced her way into his gang that there was going to be trouble. He just always assumed it would come from her army of brothers, not her red-hot pistol of a best friend. Greaser AU.

Breaking and Entering by provocative envy

T, Romance/Humor, one-shot, complete.

Hermione Jean Granger is a good girl—until Tom Riddle comes to town. 1950s.

Kiss Me at Midnight by Ariel Riddle

M, Romance/Drama, One-Shot, Complete.

Grindelwald is in power ruling over a totalitarian wizarding world. Rebel leader Hermione Granger infiltrates a Ministry New Years Eve party at Malfoy Manor with one mission-to assassinate the Minister. But nothing goes as planned when the infamous Lord Riddle gets involved. Victorian Era.

Temperance and the Tower by ryn-and-ras

M, Suspense/Horror, 7 chapters, WIP.

After escaping from the clutches of Gellert Grindelwald, Hermione is sent to Hogwarts to recover from the loss of her parents. There, she encounters an annoying Prefect who she would rather avoid. However, he has something she needs to protect at all costs, for the sake of the wizarding world. TRIGGER WARNINGS APPLY.

Broken Hearts on Canvas by ImmortalObsession

M, Tragedy/Romance, 16 chapters, complete.

When a terrible turn of events lands 9-year old Hermione Granger in an orphanage, nothing could possibly get worse. Or at least, nothing could get worse until Hermione meets Tom Riddle, the sulky handsome boy who likes to draw and thinks she’s his newest toy… 1930s-era.

Dark Tidings by littlemewhatever93

M, Romance/Supernatural, 1 Chapter, WIP.

All Hermione ever wanted out of life was knowledge. All Tom wanted out of life was power, something Hermione was acutely aware of. Unfortunately for Hermione, Tom was a firm believer that knowledge and power were the very same thing. AU. Tomione. 1930s-1940s.

Coming Undone  by marina

M, Romance/Drama, 7 Chapters, WIP.

AU with magic. Victorian Era. TMR X HG. After two attacks on her life, Harry and Ron disregard Hermione’s pleas claiming she can fend for herself and force her to take a bodyguard – someone to keep her safe and look after her when they cannot. Little do they know that the one most highly recommended for the job, may also be the most deadly…

Si Tu N'étais Pas Là by uchiha.s

M, Drama/Suspense, One-Shot (long), Complete.

Magical historical AU, oneshot. Hermione had stepped over the threshold of her own dull grey world and into a world clouded with beauty and danger. And in the very center of it, he was both the serpent and the apple.

Lacrimosa  by uchiha.s

M, Drama/Suspense, 14 Chapters, WIP.

semi-historical AU with magic. After Draco purchases Hermione as his new concubine, she is thrown in the path of the new composer for the court, Voldemort. And soon she finds herself making a deal with the devil himself… TMR/HG/DM.