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Kat Blaque’s Dear Arielle Scarcella: Please Stop

Let me explain something really quickly, I have no interest in watching any more of Arielle Scarcella’s videos because I was personally v offended by another pair of her videos What Lesbians Think of Bisexuals and the accompanying Bisexuals Respond to “What lesbians think of Bisexuals.”  The fact was it was triggering for me on two levels, one because it was just like all the other microaggressions I’ve been subjected to in my life about being bisexual and two because the bisexuals featured in the second vid had prioritized the feelings of lesbians over their own feelings (hi hello that’s fucking gross to watch bi phobia internalized like that, I’m still trying to rid myself of lots of that crap). Fast forward to a few nights ago when my friend messaged me about Arielle Scarcella’s vid (on girlfriends tv), “Would you sleep with a lesbian with a penis?

The reason I don’t recommend watching Arielle Scarcella’s video is because she is a v popular youtuber with over 300k subscribers on her personal channel alone, plus 100k subscribers on Girlfriends tv.  Its basically a numbers game and you are giving her money to be transphobic.  Whereas watching Kat Blaque’s video will give you the perspective from a trans woman on how offensive Arielle’s video was and how it could have been easily fixed.

Finally, I wish I had the guts to make youtube videos, (I’m just too shy, I’ve tried making them before and it was a disaster) because I was so offended by Arielle’s videos. I feel like Kat Blaque has the guts I always lacked in both speaking out against a popular youtuber and just being so open about her personal life. But the moral of the story is that cis white monosexuals like Arielle never consider how much privilege they have and how intimidating it can be to confront or disagree with someone as popular as them. Arielle has a habit of attracting people who agree with her and only featuring them and always prioritizing her feelings (her privileged feelings I might add) over those of other marginalized groups. That isn’t how intersectional feminism works.  I really want you all to understand how much bigotry is rewarded on Youtube (Tyler Oakley is racist, Nash Grier is homophobic, Laci Green is transphobic), especially if you’re a white cis monosexual. So just to recap, don’t bother watching Arielle unless you really want to support her, when you could support Kat instead. 

Reminder this is their subscriber counts:

An Angelic Visit

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The day I came into existence, there was a storm just like this one. I was told that my cries shook the sky and my tears flooded the cavities of the earth and created the seas and rivers.

I’m almost positive that someone was exaggerating.

In any case, I’ve been hearing that my storied achievements have made it to your attentive eyes. And if a certain demon can take time from his mischief to charm you all, I’m certain that dear Ariel wouldn’t mind if I set a few things straight on her blog today.

So feel free to send me your questions. I’ll be in for a limited time.

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It’s official! Our resident One-Winged Angel, Kenny Omega, is taking over my blog for the day while I get some writing done. (Be good to him, y'all.)


Dear Arielle,

I understand that I am going to probably lose some followers because of this, but as I am the only admin of this blog, I’m afraid I have to follow my own instincts alone.

I really, genuinely don’t think you mean to be insulting to people of the trans* community… But coming from the viewpoint of a transman who regularly promotes you, I’m afraid I cannot continue doing so from what I have heard and read on this subject, and here are my reasons why:

Firstly, this post. I feel as if you have used this information to justify the things you have said. If there are transgender people saying you have done wrong, then arguing against them probably isn’t going to make amends. I know not everybody is as gay as a daisy in May; maybe both parties could have handled things better but I wouldn’t know, having not been involved. I can only give my opinion on the information I have at hand, and that was before I saw the reply from ‘truscum’. 

On the reply (which I can only assume to be accurate), I feel you have missed the true pain that is dysphoria. As somebody that (again, I assume) has not experienced it in such a way as a trans* person might, I would not expect you to understand it fully. But I feel that there may be a little more research necessary before you reach out to such a large audience. Just because the trans* people you collaborate with agree with your comments, doesn’t mean everybody will.

Upon watching your video 'What is True Transphobia’, I was somewhat insulted to see, 'Not wanting to be with someone sexually or romantically after they, or as they are going through the transition’ viewed as a non-transphobic comment, especially as it wasn’t elaborated on so much. Even more so, 'Not being interested in dating a trans* person’ as non-transphobic, I found incredibly insulting. To say such a thing would be to insinuate that we are not equal to, and therefore less desirable, than someone who is cis. Without explanation, these statements can be very easily viewed in a way you did not intend.

Arielle, your fanbase is a large one. I’m sure you can understand that not everybody in the LGBTQ* community is going to agree with you, just as much as they won’t all agree with me. I try my absolute hardest to be all-inclusive, and I’m afraid on this occasion it means rejecting any further posts from you. I simply cannot promote someone who views the genuine feelings of some members of the transgender community as 'lol idiot kids on Tumblr’.

I hope you understand. Good luck all the same.

Take care,


Re: bunnyohare,
I never said anybody was obliged to do anything. I think you may have missed my point; perhaps I wasn’t clear enough. It is not transphobic to not want to be with someone and they happen to be trans*. But if you don’t want to be with someone because they’re trans*, then I believe there’s an issue.

Re: fist-me-with-mayo,
Perhaps it depends on the sexuality of the partner of the person who is transitioning? I’m not sure. This is why I said it had a lot to do with elaboration, as it all depends on how you, as an individual, interpret how something is said. All I have to go on is my own personal opinion.

Disney Princess- Preference

Luke: It was your first day working at Disney World as Snow White, she wasn’t your favourite but now you could say you were a real princess. Since it was your first day, you had to be followed by a fellow character. The only one offering was a boy named Luke, who played Peter Pan. “Snow can we chat??” Staying in character no matter what, first rule. “Oh yes Peter?” “You know I find you quite attractive, would you like to go out with me?” “OHHH MY GOSH ITS SNOW WHITE” A small girl ran up to you. “Why hello there??” Your voice raised two octaves. Her mom took the photo and left “Why Peter that would be just wonderful”

Ashton: You were dressed as Tiana today after the former girl quit. Why would you quit this job?? You got to inspire young girls and dress like a princess. Being a princess was the best. Today you were walking around Main Street dancing in the sun when a girl, probably in her teens. “Hello there how are you today?” I hugged the girl and posed for a photo like always. “Can I get in the pic too?” A boy at least twenty stood next to me, towering over me. “Hello there I’m Ashton” He wrapped his arm around me for a hug. “No trying to be to outgoing here, but i would really like your number” He kissed my cheek for the pic. “Here” I wrote it on his arm.“I get off at 9, meet me outside the gates?” “Anything for you Tiana”

Calum: You’ve been Belle now for a year. You’ve perfected your job, all you needed was a high voice and a cheery attitude.This was the new Beast’s first week here and you were assigned to assist him.“Hello Beast” You giggled looking up trying to see his eyes through the mask. “Why hello there my Belle, how beautiful you look” “Why thank you!!” “Lets go over in the bushes” “ But beast YOU MUST STAY IN CHARACTER” I raised my voice a bit. “I have but a question” He pulled you over. “You are really pretty, but you’d look a lot better without that dress on” “Later in the dressing room okay” I put back on my fake smile and took Beasts hand. 

Michael: “Why hello there Ariel!” “Why hello there little—- oh hey MIchael” I lowered my voice. If I was caught out of character, I was fired. “Can I get a kiss my dear Ariel?” I smiled the fake Disney smile. “Michael what time is it?” “Almost 6 why?” I started strolling along taking Michael with me. “Fire works are soon.” “Oohhh” He guided me with him. “Can we kiss under the lights Ariel?” “Anything for you my prince”


Close Captioning Volunteers!

So I’m really trying to make my channel more inclusive and accessible, but producing CCs for some of my older videos is a bit overwhelming, so I’ve been asking for some help with CCing my videos! Fortunatley, Iv'e gotten a lot ofhelp thus far!

So I thought I’d make a master post of people who CC my vidoes + videos that need to be CC’d! If you’re interested in helping me CC, please email me at ! All I need from you is a transcript of the video!

CC Volunteers (thank you!)












If you have any videos you really want to be CC’s let me know!

Videos that need Closed Captioning (closed captioned/captioning currently videos 

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tooday we were in our summer old dump cottage, so I drew a dump of sketches, while geting my little brother sleep after lunch


here is humanizated Ariel’s Peepers

(I tried to draw this cutey in my style, but I want to be sure is this okay? I mean, I don’t even know what tipe of nose does he have! XD for some reason I see him more sturdy and heavy, like little ARRgh little militant guy, mmm!!! I’m waitng for your adjustments, Ariel, my dear! :>)


Arielle discuss’: Dear Straight Men, We’re Taking Away Lesbian Porn!


Arielle Scarcella: Dear Straight Men, Lesbians CAN Fuck


I legit got like 23 messages asking me to make this reaction video l o l 

Like I said in the video, I’m good friends with Skylar - I have issues with what Arielle has said and somethings that Skylar also said - lol just look at my facial expressions during this video L O L 

also - not everyone NEEDS to accept themselves… in my opinion! you dont HAVE to - like no one should FORCE you into acceptance - but wtvvvvs

can arielle just stop with all the trans videos now


(youtube link is only for people WITH the link - the video was too long for tumblr lol)