ariel bloomer

“You guys. No words. I’m sorry this happened. Today I’ve been crying and connecting with old friends and eating my feelings. I tried to make an REL show episode explaining my feelings but I just cried for 6 straight minutes instead so this pic will have to do. (Tomorrow’s episode was filmed yesterday and it’s all about my favorite things of summer yay and now it seems so very silly.) Whatever. Sigh. Chester, thank you for your legacy and heart and words and for very legitimately shaping the course of my entire life. I hope you are at peace.”

-Ariel’s instagram/arielforhire


Im so sorry, everyone

I’m so far from being done editing the Icon shots, even though I saw them last year. :’)

Icon for Hire live in Louisville, KY, photographed by me!
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I’m not stressing, obsessing over who I’m not impressing // I know perfection’s infectious, so is it more like infection?

Love this Icon for Hire song! I love how the melodies of the verse raps are different, and I love the flow that she has. Her voice sounds so great in this song, and they have the best fusion of electronic/rock/rap. As always, her lyrics are so raw and true.


Some more shots of Icon for Hire live in Louisville, KY at The New Vintage, on the You Can’t Kill Us tour!

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