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What got you interested in animation?

I grew up watching Disney’s renaissance movies and they were and still are undoubtedly the most brilliant in the history of animated features. But it wasn’t until I came across Glen Keane’s blog and saw his sketches of Ariel that I got a glimpse of the art behind the magic. Ever since then, it’s become my passion to find and share the beautiful and breathtaking work the animators and artists at Disney create to give us our favorite movies. 

Just look at this! It absolutely takes your breath away! 


This gifset shows how Gabriella gives Ariel a sign name based on her long hair, notice how she use the first letter of Ariel’s name in sign form (letter ‘A’) to ‘write/draw’ with both hands the hair of our favorite redhead. 

In Deaf culture and sign language, a sign name (or a name sign) is a special sign that is used to uniquely identify a person, just like a name. 

Name signs come in all forms. Some are based on the person’s birth name or initials. Some are based on their physical features or personality traits. And other name signs might be based on the person’s interests.


So, this is a #throwbackthursday as well as a self critique session. I decided to “correct” my older art as i would do when i critique/paint-over others’ art. It makes me happy i improved… i used to have a formulaic face and clearly couldn’t tell how deformed the original came out. Glad to have improved, worried about how the new one will look to me in 2 years 🤣 The first one is early 2018, the second is mid 2016 👍🏻


Head Swap Galore :D

A smaller project I did last year where I took Disney ladies and placed them in animated movies not made by Disney. ;)

Originally uploaded:

You can watch me edit on my second channel. :)


I was looking for a LiS related post I saw some days ago but couldn’t find it, so I got frustrated and now I post our LiS:BtS The Tempest cosplays. Take this Tumblr :|

Beautiful and super uncomfortable Chloe is @kyouyagavin (Klavier)
Rachel is me (Yumée)
Pictures by Ciura

Costumes are Selfmade from scratch by us. makeup by Klavier.