The last days to see RUNawayHOME, a wearable sculpture and mobile shelter by New York-based, Japan-born artist aricoco (Ari Tabei) are this weekend.

Aricoco has been making womb-like garments for the past few years, but with RUNawayHOME, the artist has graduated to a tent-like construction. The work can be thought of as a “runaway home,” and aricoco did occasionally run away from her home when she was a child with much more spare versions of her most recent works – although never farther than across the street. RUNawayHOME is also about a return to a home or a safe place. The work seems to be a natural progression of aricoco’s work after the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami which struck her homeland last April, yet the artist relates the piece to ideas stemming from the 12th century Buddhist monk Kamo no Chōmei. In his work Hōjōki, he describes earthquakes and other natural disasters that befall the people of Kyoto and his eventual move into a tiny hut far from civilization. The title roughly translates to “The Ten Foot Square Hut” or "An Account of My Hut” and the work’s philosophical concepts comprise the cultural lineage through which aricoco’s works arise.

RUNawayHOME is on view at Real Art Ways in Hartford, Ct. The organization’s gallery is open late on weekends: Friday-Saturday: 2-11pm and Sunday: 2-10pm.

Photos courtesy Real Art Ways.

Ari Tabei (aricoco). Sweeping. Art in Odd Places. Festival of Ideas. Bowery, New York City.

The artist walked by at a quick pace sweeping the sidewalk with her head enveloped by a puffed plastic bag at Festival of Ideas.

SWEEPING, performance Tabei sweeps with a broom in a quiet shamanic ritual to cleanse and purify herself and her surroundings. Art in Odd Places.

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