so is she pretty?
like throw your clothes across the room,
can’t get to her fast enough
want to kiss her all day
or is she the kind of pretty
you just want to be friends with?
the kind of pretty
I was
to you?

I shouldn’t even be writing this poem.
shouldn’t care enough about your
personal business
to write these words onto paper.
but I do.
for some goddamn reason,
I do.

tough girl exterior
cracks open to reveal
pliable, liquid.
this is what other folks call
something I try so hard to forget.

your new relationship shouldn’t be a surprise to me,
I put up so many walls to shut you out,
i knew eventually you’d look somewhere else,
I just didn’t know it’d
make me feel anything when you
someone who isn’t me.

you told me there was everything but sexual attraction
between us.
like two magnets stuck somewhere in
the middle
of clinging to each other
and pushing away.

I guess I picked the one I thought would
hurt the least,
and you picked the one
you didn’t know would hurt me.

I’m sorry it hurts me.
I’m sorry I can’t tell you this.
I’m sorry I can’t promise
I’d break down my walls
even if you were still
trying to find a way in.

she is so pretty.

Hello, welcome to my poetry blog. (This makes blog #5, oops.)

When I was 17, I took a break from writing, from reading on stage, from existing as a normal human being. This blog is where I will come back to life again. Hello and welcome.

A little bit about me really quick; I won an poetry slam when I was barely 17, against adults in their thirties. I’ve never felt more accepted or at home than I did that night. Since then, I’ve read on a stage one time. I hope to get back into it soon.

I used to write songs. That went well until I realized rhyming is a little constrictive and it’s so much more fun to be a poet. ;) I still write songs, and I might post a few here. Who knows. 

This blog is where I will post rough drafts of poems I’m too scared to post on facebook, blurbs of writing I never finish, and responses to poems I’m heard or seen that week. This blog will really just be where I post anything I write. Feel free to follow and read and like and ask questions and whatever else you can think of. Come along for the ride.

I track the tags “arianorth” and “ariawrites” if you want to reach me via your own post. 

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Lastly, I’m Aria, and it’s a pleasure to meet you!