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Pretty Little Liars Time-Line.

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1987 - Charles is born.
1988 - Jason is born, from Jessica’s and Peter Hastings’ affair.
1995 - Alison (and the liars) are born.
- Charles tries to drown Alison on scalding water.
- Charles is checked in at Radley.
- The DiLaurentis family moves to Rosewood.
2003 - Charles’ alleged suicide and organs’ donation.
October 2007 - Marion Cavanaugh’s death/suicide.

October 2008 - “The First Secret”

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July 2009 - The liars blind Jenna.

September 1st, 2009 (That Night):
- Charles and Bethany escaped Radley.
- Someone hit Bethany.
- Melissa buried Bethany alive.
- Charles hit Ali, and Mrs.D saw him.
- Mrs.D buried Alison alive, with Charles watching.
- Mrs. Grunwald took Ali out of the ground.
- Mona helped Alison dissapear.

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September 2010:
- Aria comes back from Iceland.
- The liars start junior year.
- Maya moves to the DiLaurentis’ house.
- The liars start getting texts from A.
- Alison’s/Bethany’s body is found.

November 2010 - Alison pushes Ian from the bell tower.


November 2010 - Ian’s body is found with the suicide note. 

December 2010 - The liars get arrested for having Alison’s “murder weapon”.
March 2011:
- Mona is revealed as Original A.
- Lyndon James kills Maya.
- Mona is checked in at Radley.


September 2011:
- Em comes back from Haití.
- Charles steals the game from Mona.
- Alison’s grave is dugged.
- The liars start senior year.

October 2011:
- Emily kills Nate St. Germain / Lyndon James.
- Toby is revealed as part of the A Team to the audience.
- Halloween Train.
- Darren Wilden kills Garret Reynolds.

November 2011:
- Mona gets out of Radley and comes back to Rosewood High.
- Spencer finds out about Toby on the A Team.
- Toby fakes his death.
- Spencer is checked in at Radley.
- Spencer gets out of Radley and joins the A Team.
- The lodge is set on fire.
- Alison helps the liars, dressed as Red Coat.

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November 2011:
- Wilden’s body is found, CeCe killed him.
- The liars go to Ravenswood.
- Ezra is somehow revealed as A.
- The liars confirm their suspicions of Alison being alive.
- Aria finds out about Ezra’s book.
- Ezra is somehow revealed as not A.
- The wedding dresses runway.
- The liars go to New York.
- Noel Kahn leads the liars to Alison.
- A shots Ezra.
- CeCe goes to Paris under the identity of Vivian Darkbloom.


November 2011:

- Aria kills Shanna.
- The liars get back to Rosewood with Alison.
- Alison tells the Rosewood P.D. that she was kidnapped and held hostage for 2 years.
- Charles kills Jessica DiLaurentis.
- Thanksgiving Day.
- Mona fakes her death and is kidnapped by Charles.
- Mona is taken to the Doll House.
- Spencer is arrested for Bethany Young’s murder.

December 2011:
- Spencer is bailed out of jail.
- DiLaurentis’ Ice Ball.

March 2012:
- Mona’s funeral.
- Alison is arrested for Mona Vanderwaal’s murder.

April 2012:
- Hanna is arrested.
- Alison’s trial.
- Alison is declared guilty of murder in the first degree.
- The rest of the liars are arrested for “helping the wrong person”.
- Charles kidnaps the liars.
- “Welcome to the Doll House”.

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May 2012:
- The liars escape the Doll House.
- Sara Harvey is found.
- The liars start the investigation on Charles DiLaurentis.
- The liars find out Lesli Stone was a patient at Radley on the same time Charles and Bethany were.
- Prom. (6x09)
- Charles’ reveal. (6x10)


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P.S.: November 2011 was a long, crazy month.

He had a lot of patience and he had time for people. If somebody truly wanted to know something, whether it was a guitar chord or something from the Vedas or how you prune a tree, if you were really curious, he had an endless amount of time. He actually sat with my mother and showed her how to play one chord on a ukulele so she could play along with him. He wanted everybody to have fun and join in. He was a Pisces; I think he liked the whole school going along with him.
—  Olivia Harrison on her late husband George, Filter, Fall 2011

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