“Love Love Love” by Of Monsters and Men

You love love love

When you know I can’t love you.

So I think it’s best we both forget

Before we dwell on it…

A song from Solas to his vhenan.

anonymous asked:

ships for ventura, zayn, calliope, lindy and jared?

Ventura: It’s pretty hard to ship someone I never see. I mean, she’s probably look hot with a girl, Maybe Lennon.
Zayn: Well obviously he deserves the best, and that clearly means myself or maybe the new Girl Arianwen, or Calliope
Calliope: Zayn, or Kai 
Lindy: I only ship her with a god damn splinter laced broomstick
Jared: He’d look good with Lacey, and definitely Daphne. 

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Kiara is the oldest of three girls born from Vitalia, the Valkyrie of life and death. There is Kiara, Ildri, and Aura. Before there were other Valkyries, Kiara was the one to convince her mother to enlist others into her company and to take her under her wing as a Valkyrie, to be just like her mother. Kiara also convinced Ildri to join as well, however convinced Aura to wait until she was older. Vitalia eventually agreed and made both Kiara and Ildri Valkyries, Kiara of darkness and Ildri of fire. After the death of Ildri Kiara seemed very distant and different from what she was before. To Arianwen, Kiara showed her true colors after leaving Valhalla to die when she was thirteen and joining with Loki on his rampage against the nine realms, which to this day Aura just refuses to believe and Vitalia refuses to leave the Hall of the Valkyries in Asgard. There is a deep hatred that Kiara is holding but constantly plays the ring around with everyone, making it really hard to determine her true intentions.

Kiara was really fun to draw, I am currently finishing up Ildri as well and then Aura’s two outfits she wears in the first chapter of mu book. I will also draw up their armor versions as well, eventually. I really want to get a lot of characters and their outfits done as soon as possible.

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