I wish that J.k. Rowling would...

Write a book about the relationship between Gellert Grindelwald and Albus Dumbledore. They are one of the saddest stories I feel in the Harry Potter world. They met during the summer, when Albus and Gellert were teenagers, and Gellert met someone, who the  first time matched him in intellect and passion. They fell in love, and found an equal distaste for Muggles, Gellert’s born from a pureblood’s beliefs, while Albus’s hatred was rooted in something much more personal.

His sister, Arianna was tortured when she was extremely young by three Muggle boys who saw her performing magic. She was young enough that she did not know how she did it, and when they asked her to do it again she could not. They proceeded to torture until her mind broke, never to be healed. Instead of telling people about what happened the Dumbledore family decided to confine her to the house, because she became unable to control her magic, and it burst out of her violently. Their parents knew that if the authorities found out about her they would lock her away due to her danger to herself and others. Albus’s father killed the three Muggle boys for what they did to his daughter, yet never told the authorities why. Years later Arianna killed her mother when an outburst of her magic occurred. Albus was left to take care of Arianna and Aberforth, although he was still just a teenager. This is when Gellert showed up.

As Gellert and Albus fell in love, Arianna got worse. And Aberforth blamed Albus for wanting to leave, and seeing Arianna as a burden. One night they fought, Albus, Gellert, and Aberforth. Arianna got in the middle, and when the fight was over she was dead. No one knew who killed her, and each carried the guilt for the rest of their lives. Gellert asked Albus to come away with him, to leave Aberforth, who by that time despised Albus. When Albus refused, Gellert left him, and proceeded to help start World War 2.

When the Ministry realized that Gellert was out of control, they sent Albus to bring him in. Albus went to him, and onlookers say there was no fight, that Gellert simply surrendered to him. Gellert was imprisoned for the rest of his life, while Albus never loved another. Gellert and Albus were geniuses, and there is no way that Gellert would not have found a way out of his prison. Yet he stayed there for his love of Albus, and never once escaped.

I always cry when I think of them, because even though they loved one another one summer is not enough time to change the beliefs that someone has had their entire life. And two men who loved one another were never together more then such a brief time.

I am always searching for Gellert/Albus fanfiction, and there seems to be enough. Probably because they are not mentioned in the movies very much, and you only briefly see a picture of Gellert in the last movie.

The best Fanfic of Gellert/Albus I have EVER found is Only You. It is a reincarnation story where Albus is the best friend of Albus Severus Potter, and Gellert is tentative friends with Scorpius Malfoy. The story is long, and wonderful. It has many amazing OC’s, and I love them all. I would suggest reading it, even if you are not a Gellert/Albus shipper, you will be by the time you finish reading.

Here is the link:

And so concludes my rant about my dear boys, lost in a world where hatred outweighed their love.

PS: If you have any Albus/Gellert fanart and fanfiction please share!


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