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(Bucky x Reader) SMUT

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AN: Okay so this is a song smut ,for my home girl @howlingbarnes, based off the jam Everyday by Ariana Grande . Sorry if this isn’t what you had in mind. I had so many ideas and my mind was a mess. hahah well hope you enjoy!!  Also sorry I haven’t been updating guys.  I’ve been feeling really down and lonely since I’ve been back on break and it has been killing my writing vibes. so i am really sorry again for the delay on updates

Anytime you’re alone, you can’t help thinking about Bucky.  That mysterious man sauntered his way right into your life and he had your heart racing with one look. Ever since the first glance all you wanted, all you needed, honestly, was just you and him.  

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So broken.. Manchester, the place where I was born and the place where I have continued to grow, was hit by tradegy, and I don’t have any words. I’m shaken and terrified, but I will never EVER let those cowards ruin this town. My town. Love for all my mancunians and love for the world. Stay safe people. Please.

Gruvia Week (Light)

AN: Okay so as promised a very fluffy entry for Gruvia Week. This actually ended up being somewhat of a double prompt, between Quiet and Light. It’s set during the earlier part of time they lived together before the marks started to appear.

A big thank you to Arianna for saving me at the last minute! (And yes this is late for my time zone but by WST I’m good!

Title: Watching every sunrise
Description: “Juvia likes to watch the sunrise. Every day since Juvia met Gray-sama Juvia has gotten to watch the sun come up, and every day it reminds her how truly blessed she is to have met you. Every day Juvia has with the sunshine is a gift, and Juvia doesn’t want to miss a minute of it.”
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: I don’t own Fairy Tail, or any of the characters in this story. I will not be making any money from this story.

A soft creaking sound was what first registered in Gray’s brain, waking him just enough to become aware of the world outside his sleepy mind. He could hear a faint shuffling but it was a distant sound, and the fog of sleep was still heavy on his mind. He shifted slightly and silence followed allowing him to drift back towards slumber.

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