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@officialdaysofourlives: Too much fun on set when these two are here! Say cheeeese!!! #days


get to know me meme

favourite male characters [5/5] - Will Horton - Days of Our Lives 

Oh, my gosh. Look at you, little miss Horton. You’re so new. You have no idea what a bumpy landing you got. You were born in the middle of the woods. I promise it’ll get better, though… Oh, my God, I just told my first lie. I’m Sami. I’m my mom. No. Okay, I can’t promise that it’s gonna get better, but I’m gonna try. And your mom’s gonna try. You know, we’re gonna be there for you, and we’re gonna do everything we can not to screw up. And we’re gonna love you like crazy. Oh, scratch that. I-I had crazy parent love… You know what, though? Just laying here and looking at you, I could totally see it. I could totally feel how that happens. So how is this, though? I promise that I will love and protect you the way that my parents always wanted to love and protect me. Deal.