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For the Fic Meme: 6 For f!Lavellan/Cullen *-* (smut is always welcome zghhwjsjklak *3*)

This was for a prompt list I didn’t actually reblog, but I took up the opportunity anyway x3 the prompt was along the lines of “How long have you been standing there?” :3


The task had been simple enough: find Cullen and deliver Leliana’s missive - seeing as the spymaster was void of a runner at the moment and Arian just so happened to be in her tower that evening.

And so, the Inquisitor found herself walking the familiar path to the commander’s office, only to be stopped by one of his soldiers, who saluted her upon recognition.

“Your Worship, Commander Cullen isn’t in currently. I believe he’s gone to the baths.“ 

Arian sighed in disgruntlement but nodded, dismissing the young man. She then turned on her heel and began heading toward the spoken location, nearly every citizen of Skyhold acknowledging her as she passed.

Knowing it wouldn’t be wise to just walk into the baths unannounced, Arian poked her head into the entryway, calling out Cullen’s name and waiting for a response.

Of course, there wasn’t one.

Taking in a deep breath, Arian wandered into the vicinity, making sure to keep her line of sight away from the pools and basins occupying various spots. 

"Cullen?” she called out again, stopping dead in her tracks when her eyes pinpointed the commander himself, completely bare except for a lone towel wrapped around his hips.

Arian felt the breath deflate from her lungs, her eyes trailing up the length of Cullen’s frame appreciatively. It wasn’t like she hadn’t seen him nude, they had slept together, after all. However, seeing him like this - freshly bathed, hair in complete disarray and muscular body slick with moisture, it completely knocked her off-guard.

His back was turned to her, as he was busy reaching for a comb that was set on the rim of the tub he’d been using. Only once he began combing through the curly mop on his head did he detect her presence, his head whipping toward her and his eyes widening.

“Arian?” he questioned, setting the comb down. “How long have you been standing there?”

The elven woman attempted a response, her tongue all at once feeling like a combination of sand and lead. Opening her mouth, she was horrified when all that came out was a breathless croak.

Cullen, however, seemed to take the reaction with a self-proclaimed pride; his eyebrow quirking in the most subtle of ways and his lips twitching upward.

“Have I stunned my lady into silence?” Cullen goaded her, chuckling when she insistently shook her head.

“I-I…” she started, then huffed, feeling flustered. “Leliana wanted me to give this to you,” she explained, holding the missive out to him.

Cullen blinked curiously a few times, and from the way he stared at her, Arian wondered if a mushroom had suddenly grown out of her head.

“Love, you do know you could have just left it on my desk, right?” he asked, his tone sincere. 

Arian wanted to slap herself, and that’s exactly what she ended up doing - the palm of her hand swiftly connecting with her forehead.

“Ugh, of course,” she grumbled, eyes pinched shut, “Instead I come here and make a complete fool of myself, as is standard.”

“Hey,” Arian heard Cullen murmur after a moment, then felt his hand gently remove hers from her forehead. As her eyes opened, she rose her head and gazed up at him, and her heart began to stutter at his affectionate disposition.

“You’re anything but a fool,” he told her, his fingers tenderly brushing her cheek. Before Arian could respond, his lips had descended onto hers, his kiss sweet and possessing the faintest hint of desire.

They were surrounded by at least thirty people in the building, and yet Arian found she didn’t very well care. This was one of the rare moments where neither of them were tied to their posts, and she would make the best of it.

“I suppose,” she breathed, gasping as he left a trail of slow, open-mouthed kisses to her throat, “I did get to see you.”

“Mm…” Cullen replied, one hand twining with the loose braid she wore while the other slid downward to her ass and squeezed.

Cullen,” Arian sighed, hooking her arms around his neck and tangling her fingers in his still-damp locks. She nearly purred when Cullen’s hand slid to her thigh and tugged her leg up around his waist, which resulted in the flush contact of their fronts.

Arian was rather positive their little tryst would’ve continued without a hitch, had she not picked up a distinct cackle that was too close for her liking.

Quickly she pulled away from Cullen, who looked both dazed and confused by the sudden action. The moment she did, a streak of red and yellow flew by, reaching for the commander’s towel and snatching it right off his hips.

“Serves you right for trying to do the dirty in my territory!” Sera taunted as she ran off, waving the towel she had stolen over her head in victory.

“That little-!” Cullen snarled, taking a step forward but halting once he realized he was completely indecent. Arian, meanwhile, had gone completely red in the face - the result of containing her laughter at the situation and getting a glimpse of Cullen’s impressive lower half.

“Get back in the tub,” she said to him in pity once she had composed herself, “I’ll go find you another towel.”

Cullen did as he was told, settling back into the basin with a frustrated sigh. “Could you make sure she didn’t steal my clothes from the changing area while you do so?” he pled, looking lost. “Maker, it’s like everyone is this organization is hellbent on seeing me naked.”

Arian couldn’t help giggling at the inquiry. “They’ll have to fight me, then,” she said as she came over to his side, leaving a kiss to the wrinkle in his brow. “I’m the only one with that privilege.”

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