He just wants to throw flowers around at your wedding guys

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Modern AU, in which Alexander and Thomas are being hipsters in the streets of NYC, with their Light Up Skechers and Heelys.

inspiration (x) (@iwillgladlyjointhefight​, thank you for inspiring me !)

As usual, I’m going to make a little comic out of this, but this time I plan on colouring it, at least some parts of it. So since it’s going to take a little while, here is a little picture to give you guys an idea of what the first vignette will look like ! I hope you like it !

The Dalish don’t really have a concept of “personal belongings” I think. Maybe they have the occasional little sentimental trinket that holds no value to anybody else, but I’m thinking anything useful belongs to the whole clan. To begin with it’s more practical if you have limited resources and tools than having people claiming they have a right to something above the others and then only they can use it, which would be unfair to the rest of the clan and also goes against the Dalish Clan’s “everybody in the clan is equal” thing.

Which just leaves me wondering about how companions handle it in game. The Inquisition/Origins crew getting annoyed when Lavellan/Mahariel keeps using their stuff without asking (except maybe Bull/Sten, since Qunari would probably understand it). Lavellan/Mahariel’s just confused about why they’re so upset about it. (Although Lavellan is from one of the less isolationist clans, so possibly they already know about the human concept of “personal possessions”.)
Velanna/Ariane getting into fights about it. Aveline exasperatedly trying to explain that to human eyes what Merrill is doing is theft, not borrowing (Isabela isn’t helping matters).