Christening of Princess Ariane of the Netherlands: Ariane Wilhelmina Máxima Inés was baptised on October 20th, 2007. The Princess’s baptism was characterized for the joy of Ariane’s siblings and cousins: they covered their ears, screaming at the chanting chorus, and they threw pillows; one of them even tugged at the robes of the Minister. Princess Máxima tried to control the situation, but she failed.

Confession: Narrated codex entries. I want them. And an option to toggle them off for people who don’t want them. But, it would be an excellent way to bring back characters for small cameos by having them read relevant-to-character codex entries. (i.e. Merrill and Ariane and Velanna narrating Dalish codex entries, Sebastian talking about Starkhaven, Nathaniel talking about Amaranthine, Loghain talking about the Fereldan Rebellion, etc.)