He just wants to throw flowers around at your wedding guys

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I found this photo on Meghan Trainor’s instagram. And it really does represent the situation right now.

As I know, one of the victims that had tragically passed away yesterday was not only an Arianator, but also a Directioner, a Mixer and a Harmonizer as well.

So this goes beyond just Ariana and her fans, it’s now all the other fandoms as well, since this happened at one of the special events where artists and their fans get to know each other better.

I’m sending my love and support to everyone, not just the ones involved but the ones who have nothing to do with this. The world relies on us to speak up and spread love.

Stay strong my loves. Please share if you find your fandom and want to send love and support to other fandoms.

Throwback Thursdays:

Ariane Koizumi in Chanel Couture photographed by Hans Feurer for Vogue UK, October 1988.

Ok I might not make sense while saying this but after what happened at Manchester, I just want us to pick up a symbol of rebellion. Like sing “One Last Time” or ANY song in rememberance of Florida, Paris, Christina and Manchester before the sets at any concert. Not just the ones that take place immediately after. Not just now. Let us sing before every concert as a sign of rebellion. As a sign that we won’t let a happy place be snuffed out by darkness. As a symbol for the strength of little girls and boys attending their first concert. As a sign of the resistance of our queer brothers and sisters, and their perseverance. Let it echo with the howls of those who lost their loved ones in a place meant to be a source of their happiness..let it haunt those who dare to hurt the innocent. Let it be a reminder to those who strive to break humanity..that humanity will march forward..FOREVER. Idk..just something to show that we won’t cower in fear. That we won’t stop living our lives. This might not have been the most thought out post but now I’m just desperate. Desperate for something. Anything.

Also please keep Thailand and Marawi in your prayers. And if possible please look for ways to help them.

Modern AU, in which Alexander and Thomas are being hipsters in the streets of NYC, with their Light Up Skechers and Heelys.

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As usual, I’m going to make a little comic out of this, but this time I plan on colouring it, at least some parts of it. So since it’s going to take a little while, here is a little picture to give you guys an idea of what the first vignette will look like ! I hope you like it !