Ariana’s [aka iobeyfandoms aka my] Valentine Project

What’s the point?

Valentine’s day is in 2 weeks, I know that some of us won’t have Valentines on the day, that can make some people sad and insecure, I know how it feels to be sad and alone on Valentine’s day, I’ve found myself two amazing online Valentines this year and I’m very glad I did. I don’t want any of my followers to feel sad so this project pairs two people up to be Valentines.

How can I be part of the project?

Since this is mainly for my beautiful followers, you must be following me. I’m making a list with everyone who’s part of it to choose the pairs randomly. So you must reblog this.

How do I choose pairs?

Everyone who reblogs this post will be added to a numbered list (1. {tumblr user}, 2. {tumblr user}), I use an online random generator to pick out two numbers. On February 12th or 13, (I’m going to try to make sure it’s the 12th for everyone internationally) I will send a message to each user and tell them who their Valentine is. 

What do I do with my Valentine?

Once two people are paired up together, all I wish that you do is send eachother cute messages, maybe some Valentine cards and basically become friends! Obviously on Valentine’s Day you must message eachother, compliment eachother and make the other one blush.

note: anybody who reblogs this after the 11th will not be added to the list. if there is an uneven number, that user will be paired up with two people meaning that if it is unever 3 users will have 2 Valentines instead of 1.

That’s all I wanted to say, hopefully with this post I will reach my first thousand and then I will be hosting blog awards! Please try to signal boost this before February 14th.