Some Feedback From the Judges for the "What is Love?" Contest..

Hi guys! First of all, sorry that the winner’s only gonna be announced now. But please take note that there are 4 judges and we all come from different countries so communication and time is hard. Also, the first time we voted, we voted for different people and then there was a tie.

So here are some feedback from the judges for the 1st time that we voted 

Click here to see the doodles that were voted during the 1st round

Zeekayart’s feedback:

isacake: i like that love can mean anything, not just in a relationship

arian3naira: the concept is common, but i love how this one loops on itself! so cute and hard to accomplish in a gif!

syuthekitteh: the humour in this one is so cute XD it is also coloured/designed very well. 

hjstory’s feedback

“man… it’s so hard, the animated ones are really nice too.  I think cuz it’s an art contest, I had to balance between the idea and also the art.  Some of the had really nice idea, some had just really nice art.  The animated ones I really liked too, but it was a little bit too direct (growing old, etc)
But ya, i loved all of them..”

awesomemigie: I still like the tissue paper loves hamburger one cuz it’s funny and slick :P

So that’s some of the judges’ words. We voted for different people so we had to vote again. And then we ended up with a tie. Which was again a dilemma. 

Later I’ll be announcing the winner. Their names are in a trophy by zeekayart. :)