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Moon in Fire

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Aries Moon:
Individuals with a moon in Aries, are very determined. They live by the latin phrase “Carpe diem” which translates to living in the moment and are less likely to wait around until something happens. Taking action, and doing what they feel moon arians are bold and very passionate. They tend to like solving problems as soon as they arise putting off other sources of fire or drama. Moon Arians are often moody and temperamental because they have less patience and are likely to be bored easily which may cause them to confront and stir up drama occasionally but mostly not intentionally. Many moon in aries find them selves having many crushes as they feel in the moment. Even though, if their rising sign are more laid back the inner fiery of the Aries sign drives those who are Moon Arians.

Leo Moon:
Individuals with a moon in Leo, likes the limelight whether it’s with family, friends or close ones they want to be “the entertainer” taking the central stage. The inner Leo spirit calls for this sign to help lead and organize family and friends as they tend to crave order and control sometimes. Natural leaders, they tend to not like taking orders as they feel that they are the ones to lead. Moon Leos can be quite dramatic at times, especially at home when they are not given much attention or if somebody hurts their pride they can feel neglected. Many moon in leos may not necessarily be outgoing, this varies from different natal charts. In general, these Lions wear their pride on their sleeves and like to lead with justice and fairness.

Sagittarius Moon:
Individuals with a moon in Sagittarius, appreciates freedom and personal space. There’s nothing worse than setting restrictions to the endless possibilities, making them feel caged. Usually Sagittarius’s nature is very optimistic, easy going, and enjoys being entertained. Loving outdoor environments, Moon Sagittarians have an uplifting spirit and is always up for adventures. Some may say they make good teachers as they are a kind soul and likes to help while others may say these individuals are irresponsible as they forget deadlines and frails from routine-oriented tasks. Many moon Sagittarius have a flighty rather than fight mindset because they usually run away when things get rough. However, their optimism rules out their problems giving them faith and a open mind  letting them adapt easily into different situations.  

Decans series! Episode 1 💥💥💥 (MOON IN ARIES)

•Aries moon(stage 1 Aries)-🥀
these are the full blooded Aries moons! They have extremely passionate and turbulent emotions. Out of all the Aries decan have the most fast moving and erratic of emotional states and tend to live in the “moment” rather then linger on to circumstances. They tend to be lively and have a thick inner richness about them. Many are intense and emotionally overwhelming and tend to have a emotional desire to “fight” in some way. Their pretty rowdy and may at times aggravate those around them with their childish nature but on the same flip of the coin those who know them adore this long lasting youth about them. There is a tendency to be defensive and hardheaded. Interested in darker colors and may have an semi-dangerous vibe about them. Romance is big here but it’s inconsistent even more then most air signs. They change their mind often and can be hard to catch romantically because of their more “innocent” and “young” attitude toward love. But they love very hard and love for a very long time.Mother here is often dynamic and scattered! Mother reinforces the more masculine role in their children and natures via tough love and often times may miss the mark when it comes to emotional reassurance. That being said “Arian traits” are heavily pronounced here.

* Aries moon(stage 2 Leo)- here we 🌞have the sun ruled Aries moon natives. This influence is very palpable to those whom are around these folks. They have a radiance about them and a soothing warmth. They tend to be on the quieter side of things and usually have an underlying detachment from people and or situations that don’t catch their eye. They also carry themselves with an air of inner pride and tend to have their flames ignited by the thought of being adored. That being said they’re very much still impulsive and fast moving emotionally-but unlike full blooded Arian moons their emotional triggers aren’t as easily aroused and for the most part are wrapped around themes of betrayal and perceived attacks on their ego and pride. These natives also have a deep need for romance and can spend a lot of energy in trying to have it in their lives. They also tend to be very focused and stable on task they tend to partake in due to the fixed influence of Leo. They have very poetic and dramatic emotions and a engulfing presence. The mother can be regal and have a strong will. The mother usually dotes on the child and treats them as if they’re the light in her life. Relationship with the mother is heavily tied to the ego.

* Aries moon (stage 3 Sagittarius)- ✈️these natives operate on a entirely different frequency then the rest. Because of Jupiters influence here in interaction with both the moon and mars these natives tend to have “Enormous” feelings. They feel everything intensely and often fluctuate between astronomical highs and purgatory like lows. They are extremely driven and self reliant. There is a maturity here and a emotional structure. Most times impulsive behavior is directed by a “igniter” these natives also tend to be emotionally driven to travel and explore and usually hate the feeling of being tied down. Romance is secondary to these natives and so is family. They’re extremely independent and hate the projections of others problems on them. Their both wise and spontaneous. Many are warm and giving and tend to be extremely affectionate and even to much at times. Theirs harder to reach out of the decans and don’t display their emotions publicly! Mother can be “extra” so to speak and may have made the child travel often or may have had a child hood full of constant movement. Mother preached and may have been religious!

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Aries v1(vibe they give off)

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Aries v2(vibe they give off)

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Aries v3(vibe they give off)

Are you a Moon in Aries?

Moon in Aries children may experience-

-Diving into situations that others would never think of doing

-May be impulsive…


-Proud of being rebellious

-Can still stop one’s self… or maybe a bit too late?

-‘daft as a brush, mad as a hatter and blind as a bat’ to anything you don’t want to see




-Not an ounce of malice

-May be impossible to bear grudges

-Able to think on your feet

-Spontaneous, witty, alert and energetic


-Will perceiver to make something they want happen/change

-Thinks of overthinking

-May be lazy (action wise), sometimes not aware of those actions

-May look like your listening but really you’re 'brewing up a storm’ in your mind

-'anything you can do, I can do better’

-Lack in self restraint

-Others admire your audacity

-Lust for power

-May be tempered

-High achiever

-Do not want to make an enemy of

-Might have needed counselling

-'impetuous nature’



-Lack of restraint

-Human dynamo


-Cool, clam, collected on the inside

-Highly motivated and a decisive heart


-Ideals, imaginative

-Bright, lively, witty and energetic


-Rarely relaxed

-High achiever


-Warm, wise, charming, confident

-Be too sure of the wisdom of your judgement


-Innocent when met at first

-Raging tiger will be released for those who cross them



-'as mellow and easy going as a hippo on heat’ (lol)









-Fight hard to protect loved ones


-Speedy, fast




-May be ignorant

I hope you liked my brief rundown of a Moon in Arian personality.

Mars series episode 1(The war monger ares)🗡

Mars in Aries(natal):
•kinks:domination and rough housing, these natives are sexually aroused by the nitty gritty of sexual liaisons. They’re both energetic and easily childlike with their libido! They crave constant and immediate gratification and satisfaction and for that reason are known to climax quickly or overwhelm themselves with pleasure before the act has even started. They want sex to feel animalistic and raw-raw lust turns them on and so does the prospect of losing oneself to the “feeling” their muts in the sheets be it male or female and women and men here lean towards being tops. There not in to prolonged forplay and can get easily bored with overly wordy interlude to sex despite their easy attraction to the air signs.

Persona mars in Aries(mars and Venus persona chart)
•these are the impulsive and daring when in love, every move and every step is sought with passion and chaos. They may Natally have a calm mars sign like Virgo or even cancer yet when in love they’re a different of high volistic energy. They tend to be a bit more sexually driven in the relationship and at times may seem to only have their minds in a bedroom setting 24/7 when in reality sex is how they show their love-it’s a doorway in the most primitive sense of expressing their deep love for their partner. Sex here is very as they say “Latin” it takes on a powerful and romantic tone but one littered in intoxicating dominance..they can seem to want to devour their partners and can be turned on by the mere sight of their partner vulnerable and naked before them.

Draconic mars in Aries:
•a soul assertiveness-there is a hidden and underlining tension and friction to these individuals no matter their natal or even persona mars they have a almost unconscious desire for bare and raw to the flesh like physical interaction. These people are insatiable and often have a almost otherworldly vestibule of sexual grace-their past life was one lived with force and pravada one the was hard fought but one that was sought through ones own identification with her/his physical identity of the self. This personality often may never rear its head unless one truly grows to unify with this energy-but sex here always has an elements of emotional whirlwinds and vagrant here is the most animalistic of them all and one that is as close to death as possible, these natives often crave fire sign energy in that of the natal charts of others and tend to showcase this side of themselves most when involved with Arian lovers(sun/moon/mercury/Venus/mars/rising/and generational planets included)

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Moon in Aries

People born with their Moon in Aries are highly confident, impulsive and headstrong individuals. These people have a pronounced need for independence. They love the thrill of new experiences and feel the most alive when they are starting something new. If an idea strikes a Moon in Aries person, they are excited and the first to make it reality, however,  they are notorious to not finishing everything they start. Spontaneous and determined, they let their heart rule their head. When Aries Moons want something, it’ll become an absolute need and sometimes they can jump into things too quickly. Aries Moons have an automatic need to take action physically and they achieve things this way. 

Aries Moons bring life and excitement to any environment. They refuse to believe they are like anyone else and that anyone has an ability to think and do things the way they do. Aries Moons dislike advice and being told what to do, so they can come across as self-centered and inconsiderate. Whilst this is their shadow side, these people hate feeling weak, they hate feeling like the underdog and  feeling helpless. When they were young they learnt to stand up for what they believe and to be independent. Aries Moons want to be on top and want to be powerful. They want to be their own person and will feel trapped if others try to limit them. With their passion, Aries Moons achieve what many things other people are too afraid to take the risks for.

Aries Moons live for the moment, forgetting all else. Aries is considered the infant of the zodiac and they value an environment in which they can speak whatever is on their mind. When their voice is being heard, they feel the most comfortable, and they like being able to say exactly what they feel without having to worry about anyone’s feelings and they prefer to remain open and honest about their own. If another person is also upfront about their own opinion, they’ll get an Aries Moons respect. They’ll get bored in environments that are too peaceful. These people value boldness, in themselves and others. Aries Moons have to learn about bravery in this lifetime. They are independent and don’t like to take no for an answer. Nothing about an Aries Moon is subtle, they have the self-confidence to put themselves out there and they want to make a strong impression. Even though Aries Moons can be aggressive and rough, other moon signs can only dream of the confidence and drive an Aries Moon has. They like to get their own way, and can resent any authority besides their own.

Aries Moons are very sensitive and feel everything very intensely. They take everything personally and deal with problems right away so that they can move onto other things. They are discovering their own power in this lifetime and if they feel slighted they will burst out with a horrible tantrum. Their reactions are spontaneous and direct. Aries Moons can be extremely aggressive, but luckily they don’t hold grudges. Their emotions rapidly change and their emotional outbursts are usually over as quickly as they started. They don’t normally take any time to consider the consequences of their actions. Occasionally they may blame everything on other people. Because Aries is a sign focused on the self, more sensitive types will find Aries Moons overbearing and rude, and unlikable. Aries Moons are built for arguments, and when they’re feeling restless they can stir up debates and trouble just for the excitement. They know their own mental strength and must learn to be more gentle, considerate and diplomatic towards others. They can learn this personality trait from their opposite sign, Libra. Aries Moons aren’t always empathetic and they seldom feel any concern over the needs of others. Sometimes Aries Moons are extremely impatient and intolerant with people.

At their worst, Aries Moons can be overconfident and very self absorbed. They most likely won’t know when they’re acting selfishly and will need to be told. Aries Moons tend to think every situation is about them. It’s best when they learn not to turn everything into war. These individuals are impulsive and passionate. They are doers and not thinkers or planners.
In relationships, Moon in Aries may also be uncomfortable with overemotional displays of affection. Aries Moons are inspiring and their way of showing love is to help others discover their own power.