He just wants to throw flowers around at your wedding guys

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My mom was baking cookies today and I narrated like she was on Cutthroat Kitchen

Mom: *adding ingredients to mixing bowl*
Me: So I’m adding flour, butter, vanilla extract, eggs, and sugar for texture and *checks measurement* 1/8 teaspoon of salt for flavor. I’m mixing them all together and I’m pretty certain that I’m gonna win.

Mom: [mixing bowl is stuck in mixer]
Me: I get hit with the faulty mixing bowl sabotage, I just hope this doesn’t hurt me in the competition.

Mom: *getting strawberry preserves*
Me: Ew I don’t like jelly on cookies
Mom: *putting preserves back* I’ll just make sugar cookies then.
Me: I get hit with yet another sabotage. These other chefs clearly know who’s the most talented one in the kitchen. I’m not allowed to use my strawberry preserves but I think I can make do.

Mom: *getting sprinkles*
Me: I grabbed three different types of sprinkles from the pantry, so I’m looking at my options. I have the fall/Halloween themed sprinkles, the disgusting crystallized sugar sprinkles,
Mom: *puts bad sprinkles away*
Me: And the good colorful bead sprinkles
Mom: *puts Halloween sprinkles away*

Mom: *putting cookies on tray*
Me: So I’m balling up my cookies into a nice shape, and spacing them 1 inch apart so they cook perfectly.
Mom: *presses into cookies with two fingers*
Me: …
Mom: *sigh* I’m flattening them a little so the sprinkles don’t roll off.

Mom: *puts them in the oven*
Me: I check the clock and I see I have 10 minutes left, so I set the timer fooooorrrrrrr…
Mom: *sets timer*
Me: … 25 minutes

Mom: *takes cookies out*
Me: So my cookies are ready to be plated and they look great, I have this in the bag.

Me: *eats one* The texture is perfect, chewy on the bottom and soft on the top. The butter adds a nice subtle flavor to the cookies and your sprinkle choice is perfect. You’re going to the next round.
Mom: Is that the pot roast I’m making for dinner

Are you a Moon in Aries?

Moon in Aries children may experience-

-Diving into situations that others would never think of doing

-May be impulsive…


-Proud of being rebellious

-Can still stop one’s self… or maybe a bit too late?

-‘daft as a brush, mad as a hatter and blind as a bat’ to anything you don’t want to see




-Not an ounce of malice

-May be impossible to bear grudges

-Able to think on your feet

-Spontaneous, witty, alert and energetic


-Will perceiver to make something they want happen/change

-Thinks of overthinking

-May be lazy (action wise), sometimes not aware of those actions

-May look like your listening but really you’re 'brewing up a storm’ in your mind

-'anything you can do, I can do better’

-Lack in self restraint

-Others admire your audacity

-Lust for power

-May be tempered

-High achiever

-Do not want to make an enemy of

-Might have needed counselling

-'impetuous nature’



-Lack of restraint

-Human dynamo


-Cool, clam, collected on the inside

-Highly motivated and a decisive heart


-Ideals, imaginative

-Bright, lively, witty and energetic


-Rarely relaxed

-High achiever


-Warm, wise, charming, confident

-Be too sure of the wisdom of your judgement


-Innocent when met at first

-Raging tiger will be released for those who cross them



-'as mellow and easy going as a hippo on heat’ (lol)









-Fight hard to protect loved ones


-Speedy, fast




-May be ignorant

I hope you liked my brief rundown of a Moon in Arian personality.

So Mariah’s ear piece wasn’t working so she couldn’t hear the music, which is why she didn’t sing. This woman has been singing these songs for how long and she couldn’t even figure out a way to try to sing the song!?!??She literally just gave up on live TV, in front of billions of people. If that was Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, or Ariana Grande their professional asses would’ve kept singing because that is LIVE television!!! I don’t care how big of a “star” Mariah is!! That was so lazy, unprofessional, and embarrassing!