arial shots

reasons i love the x-files #1121: the visual representation of mulder and scully’s distinction. he’s tall and she’s short, she’s in a lab analyzing evidence and he’s at a crime scene contaminating evidence. but it doesn’t stop there. an arial shot of their umbrellas? her’s is white and his black. their apartments? his is dark and her’s bright. but even amongst the constant visual contrast, here are these two people fiercely defending one another. here are two people who will argue to the point of anger yet rip into anyone else who would do the same. here are two people whose lives revolve around one another, dark or bright. they are the definition of yin and yang, twin souls united through opposition, soulmates. is there anything else as beautiful?


rhcp on yonge st, toronto, july 22nd 1999

Riverdance, by danyeidphotography

The moment that we arrived to Kirkjufell i looked to the sky in the horizon & i noticed the beginning of the northern lights, so i had 2 options, either i go down to capture or to stay on top for a arial shot, i was surprised when i saw the lighting going through the same direction of the river by glow in the dark that beautiful green colour reflection. I decide to shoot this with Zeiss Distagon to get as maximum sharpness & wide angle.