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underrated aspects of Mystery Science Theater 3000′s aesthetic

  • starfields designed with no regard for the laws of perspective
  • building sets on the other side of the viewscreen
  • the mads always being shot at a high angle
  • the way sometimes a theater shot is badly composited and you can see the edge of the cardboard standee they used for the theater seats (almost always the right edge for some reason)
  • the shitty tvs that always appeared whenever footage from the movie was necessary outside the theater
  • shooting everything in one take, damn the consequences 
    • panning shots that make this an especially stupid thing to do
  • the way crow’s eyes being glued together mean they occasionally drift across his face and make him look like a flounder
  • the constraints of the television medium leading to really abrupt cuts to commercial during theater segments
  • terrible taste in fonts leading to frequent uses of arial, courier, and what looks like some kind of proto-impact in on-screen text
    • relatedly, the info club address popping up on screen seemingly at random during theater segments
  • using complicated optical effects to make jim the plant and jan-in-the-pan look like actual disembodied heads despite the fact that the competence involved is surprising in the context of all their other nonsense
Find Your Chill, Love.

James hurls a pillow from across the room at Sirius, who has been sat in front of the mirror, occasionally narrating, for the past 30 minutes.

James: Sirius, could you maybe chill? For like, two seconds?

James gives Sirius an affronted look, putting a hand over his chest in mock-offense over their outburst.

James: Evidently not, then.

Sirius: Well. I’m not wrong. Obviously. But, you know, knee jerk response and everything. May have been a bit uncalled for. It’s just… *turns back to the mirror*

James: *shaking his head is disbelief* … My god.

Sirius: *has already stopped listening*

Jacob by @barneswilson

I love this poem so much. It’s so lovely it just hits me right in my melon heart ok? The repetition of come down to sets up such a good rhythm!  and “half your heart, (like the moon), is always dark.” just !!!! SO GOOD and the” come down to, come down to, come down to the” !!!!!!!!! SUCH GOOD WRITING!!! ORION YOU ARE AMAZING!

Anyways I like it so much I decided I wanted it on my wall so I could read it all the time. I printed it off in like, arial but it didn’t look great so I typed it up on my great grandpa garnet’s old smith corona typewriter. He got it in WWII while he was working at a mill in Ontario as an incentive to stay at the mill as part of the war effort rather than leave to join the military. My great grandpa was an interesting guy, he was a blacksmith before working at a mill. He also spent most of his youth being in general ready to fight anyone at any time for any injustice- in his words “Not that I was a villainous sort, but managed to attract the unnecessary antics for which I was considered famous or infamous, whatever.” So kind of a shit disturber. Also for sure where my flair for the dramatic comes from.

This typewriter is awesome, everything it types looks like 1000 times more beautiful than anything printed off. It’s like 70 some years old so some of the keys are sticky, but otherwise it works like a dream. I think the typewriter plus the paper suits the mood of the poem wonderfully I’m so pleased with how it turned out and I love reading it every day!


Walking in that room when you had tubes in your arms
Those singing morphine alarms out of tune kept you sleeping and even (x)

Fake Tweet Tutorial

I was asked about how I make my fake tweets, so this is a tutorial on the method I use to make my fake tweets. I know there’s a way to change the code, but if you don’t really understand that method, you can try this. **Also, the keyboard shortcuts I use in this tutorial are for PCs; you’ll have to use similar shortcuts if you use a Mac.

Anyways this is my fake tweet tutorial.

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Nathan was sitting in the closet, waiting for Arial to chain him up for his heat. He looked to Arial and said, “Look… I know you’re not going to listen to me, but please. Don’t be in here when I change. I’m going to hurt you one of these days… I couldn’t live with myself if I hurt you.” 

Nathan leaned his head back against the wall, closing his eyes. “Just… since you won’t listen to me. Just make sure to keep the chains really tight please.”

Marcel Trevelyan as Little Mermaid (well.. “little” is rather ironic becuase he’s BIG)

Another one for selydra‘s inquisitor’s as Disney princesses thing.  I am having too much fun that I had to join in with my other oc.  If you missed the one of Yvad as Snow White it’s here –> (x)

thelittlelobo  asked:

Hello :) sorry I know this isn't a makeup question but I just had to ask how do you take such cute instagram pictures? Do you use any apps?

Thank you for thinking I take cute pictures! lol

But yes I do use a few apps and have a few tricks!

Apps I use

  • Snapseed
  • VSCOcam

Some tricks

  • Use HDR setting (for iphones) it takes a better quality picture.
  • Try to use natural lighting it helps the colors and lighting look better in what ever you’re taking a picture of.
  • Arial shots/views. I prefer taking arial shots (straight above looking down photos) because I just think they look nice and showcase what ever i’m trying to take a picture of!

I like to edit in Snapseed using their brightness and ambience feature, the brightness adds brightness and light incase I was in dark or dim lighting and ambience brings out the colors a bit just making for a better photo. I use VSCOcam’s editing tools like sharpness, temperature and exposure. I use temperature to make the photo “colder” and more white incase i’m in yellow lighting, sharpness to make the picture more HD and exposure to lighten up a photo. I don’t always use a VSCOcam filter or filters in general I just like to play up a photos natural features sort of like makeup hehe.

My IG is @_michellemolina

dovahbear3000  asked:

What did Arial look like as a baby? Because people don't just give birth to a (tell me if I'm wrong) 7 year old

Undyne: Ohmigod! Papyrus, go get the baby pictures! This is gonna be GREAT!

Arial: [GROANS] Not this again…

Papyrus: OH! WHICH ONES?

Undyne: I dunno, whatever ones you can find! We took, like, a billion. Oh, here’s a good one!

Look at her!

Papyrus: OH, I LOVE THIS ONE! 

Undyne: Her bones had barely even grown in yet…

Arial: Mom! Dad! Can’t you at least show them one where I had clothes on?!


Undyne: Oh, that one’s cute! But the one with the Viking costume is WAY cooler!

Arial: I like the Viking costume! Let’s find that one!


Undyne: Oh, show them that one! That one’s my favorite.

Undyne: You used to be so little…what happened to that? 


Undyne: Hey, look, here’s the first time she spit up on Papyrus! His face was priceless!


((Arial is actually nine, not seven! But you were close!))