hey guys, this is my follow forever post. so and it’s special to me because i want to thank to my incredible followers… they’re all part of my tumblr life and without them my blog would never be the same. you make my dash perfect. you’re all so amazing, fab, sweet, talented and incredibly funny ok. honestly i don’t know what to say oh and of course, thank you for this perfect one year (my blog celebrated his first anniversary:).. hope all your dreams come true and you will enjoy your christmas holiday because you deserve it. merry christmas peasants haha jk i love you all 

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and also i want to say, i chose this day: 12.12.‘12 cos it’s magical date haha <3

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This is dedicated to all of those tumblrs who made my dash flawless.

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This is my 2012 follow forever I’m so sorry about all the ugly. Thank you all for making my dashboard so beautiful with you reblogs / edits / text posts. Thank you all for everything. You made my second year in tumblr perfect :) i just love talking to some of you ( i know like 98% i never talked to you) but i wish i had ok annnyyyyyway here is the list: 

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*It’s sort of in alphabetic order, just not really*

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ariahastings replied to your post: no


lol, dw just a normal day in the fandom. You know little things that bring out my serial killer tendencies (not really) just stupid things. Ehhh it’s whatever. Everyone's got the right to have their opinion and behave however they like.

babycakesbriauna replied to your post: no

You saw that too. He may not have brows but he still has buku money, highest office in the land, & OCP. Who needs brows when you got all that.

Yassss gurl. 

ariahastings replied to your post:

I thought I was the only one! in my opinion, reading people’s tags lets you get to know someone better because they’re just pouring out all their thoughts & it’s amazing

Yes, absolutely. I love tags, and It’s really how people have come to connect on here. They’ve become a way for people to be vocal without being vocal - you get to say what you want but it’s not in bold. It feels… safer. So people are honest, and thoughtful, and just them. And I love it.

anonymous asked:

do you have a favorite blog? (:

i don’t really have a favourite blog, there’s loads of blogs that i love, like teddywestside, blairwaldorfings, ariahastings, lydia-martin, untilwefindaway, fitzandmontgomery, itsashbenzo and toseryler. i’m sure i’ve missed someone out, but there’s so many blogs i love, these are just off the top of my head, but check out my blogroll

calzona replied to your post: I slept through the first 30 minutes of Scandal….

its so bad

Now, I’m worried.

ariahastings replied to your post: I slept through the first 30 minutes of Scandal….


I have no Idea. LOL, I legit had a headache straight from the gates of hell and slept for 4 hours and woke up at 10:30. HA HA HA. I’m so mad rn but it’s okay. I’ll download it at 11:01 exactly. 


it’s been a year since my last follow forever so i wanted to thank you all for filling my dash with your flawless posts! i wish you all a happy new year and i hope you get everything you want and stay as who you are. xo

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