Happy birthday Rosemary!!

This is my actual graphic for you although in my opinion the other one looked way better. pls remind me to never graphic again because i cannot photoshop. I used Ariana Grande because she was ur icon for like a couple months or so. I was going to make a larry edit since u ship them so hard but i couldn’t find any quality unedited pics???

anyways u da best rossmutry, rossmutt, rossbutt, rossratchet idek wat i call u anymore. U my swaggie badminton partner 4 lyfe even though I’m not going this weekend. Next year we gon go to the same school, we mIGHT EVEN BE IN THE SAME CLASS FOR HUMANITIES!!!wheee life at jasper u gon be a high schooler i have tears in my eyes because ur finally growing up

So yeah happy 14th birthday (u r turning 14 rite) rossmutry i hope you have a good one stay swag and call me if u wanna learn how to twerk