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And that’s a rap! Thank you all for being so supportive and enjoying this series. Also, thanks to all my new followers! With this series, we’ve reached 1000 followers! (which I’ll have to do something for) But I have to go on vacation tomorrow, So I just wanted to leave a quick thanks, and I hope to bring y'all more great art in the future! 

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I wanted to try the crossbreed hype (again) and decided to go for one of my 6GEN favorite poke. Can you imagine that Vivi’s pattern could change depending on the pokemon you breed it with? Also added one of the real life patterns I like the most; The Monarch Butterfly.

Which one is your favorite? I’d love to have a Fiery or a Monarca one <3 Hope you like them! :)

Another Friday, another Johtodex Update.

This week it’s more Johto bugs, specifically its spiders, Spinarak and Ariados.

Since this project is about paying tribute to the original GBC sprites in the Gen 2 games, this also includes some of their original color pallets.  While Spinarak’s current color pallet is green and yellow (even back to its Crystal sprite) the original sprite colors were shades of purple, which I really enjoyed.  Seems Gamefreak really liked it too since it’s pretty close to Spinarak’s current shiny coloration.


#167.5  - Spinarak are patient hunters, spinning a web out of thin but durable silk and holding still for days as they wait for unsuspecting prey to wander close and get trapped. As they mature and grow larger, Spinarak will begin to seek out prey and constrict them with their strong webbing. Clever Spinarak will attach silk to their prey and set them free, later to track the prey back to their nests. The nerves at the tips of these Pokemon’s legs, used to sense minute movement on their webs, become so strong as they age that they no longer need their last pair, which begin to recede onto their backs.

Named: Spinarak - Araknit - Ariados

Other Gen 2 Pokemon

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Omg so these past few weeks I’ve found/rescued so many spiders from my room, and two just today, honestly its kinda starting to freak me out…(Spinarak and Ariados are cool tho..)

Guzmaaaaaaaa i know they’re your friends but plz stop inviting them into my room oTL