Wow, I can never believe that I occasionally get these. I don’t know how I keep coming up with 10 facts either when I think I’m boring. Thank you ariadnespants, you are wonderful.

1. I’m currently watching the first episode of Luther and I’m finding Idris Elba to be really attractive. Just wow.

2. I have bad circulation. My hands and feet are always cold.

3. To my knowledge I’ve never eaten kangaroo, snake or crocodile. I’m not sure I want to. I had duck once and that was sad enough.

4. I have never fired a firearm.

5. Almost every time I’ve gone ice-skating, I’ve ended up at the hospital or badly injured. I’m afraid ice is not for me.

6. I don’t think I have been to an AFL match. That makes me feel un-Australian.

7. I own the pocket edition of Australia’s Constitution.

8. Whenever I lose my beanie or hat, I call out for them as I look about.

9. I love chicken but not chicken schnitzel.

10. I am yet to own an Iphone.