ariadne telling it like it is

the first time you see theseus, it’s not love
at first sight, but something close enough.
your mother sees a victim / your father sees a fool
and you with eyes on fire see the clearest:
theseus is a chance. theseus is opportunity.
theseus could be freedom. (for both of us.)
so you give him a sword and a string, tell him
that the greatest heroes show mercy. remind him
who the real monsters are. he doesn’t listen
to a word you say; heroes never do.
when he returns with bloodstains
and a broken horn, your heart clenches
because you always hoped—but
part of you knows this is right. part of you
knows asterion would rather have died
a star in the dark.
// you remember his roar shattering oceans,
trembling hands signing sister, look what i’ve become!
his eyes speak fear / fury and he embodies everything broken.
sometimes you forget how much he understands. //

iii. denouement || a. cho

(excerpt from the witching hour, a paper fairies chapbook)

@princeand-thepauper (cont. from Skype thread)

Ariadne, Jericho, and his family been walking through the desert for several days now, trying to make their way back to Skyhold after they’d gotten pulled through a rift. Well, Ariadne wasn’t exactly walking. She’d broken her ankle and potentially her foot as well, and although she was stubborn enough to walk back, Jericho had threatened to carry her if she tried. So she was riding on Aph’s back with Aria, telling the girl stories and occasionally braiding her hair to keep herself busy.

But Ariadne could tell that Aph was getting tired, and Ariadne was getting rather tired of just sitting around. So the next day the were setting out, Ariadne used Aph as support to stand and began trying to limp forward. Yes, it hurt like a bitch. But she was used to sucking it up, so she swallowed back her winces and started limping onward.