ariadne at home

Lost Time // Ariadne and Dean

Time had passed– Had Dean not gotten the rundown from his
brother he wouldn’t have known how much. In truth, it was
more than depressing. He’d lost control of everything. Each
and every piece of his life had fallen apart. Dean had thought he
had control of the mark but, Cain told him the truth, it was always
going to be the mark that had control. Dean was just going to be
going along for the ride. 

He’d been gone for weeks– no it was months and if he kept lying
it would do not good. Ariadne would never forgive him. If she didn’t t
hat’s what Dean deserved anyways. He’d tried to be honest with
her– but, there were certain things that he just couldn’t bring himself
to tell her. Thankfully Sam was there to save his ass. Sam got her
away from the situation– 

Knocking on the door Dean waited for an answer. Ariadne was home
he knew that. Sam brought her there before he went a got Dean. 

Absently he wiped his hands on his jeans. As the doorknob turned
Dean looked up.