I am planning on getting a Blue Feather Tattoo inspired by Harvest Moon! I would love it if people drew me any design suggestions, and I may use one for my tattoo! Please share! As I’d love to get one.

My reasons for getting the tattoo: Harvest Moon made my childhood brighter, and made me look forward to the possibilities that come from a life of working hard. Each game, I fall in love with new characters, and it’s taught me a lot of life lessons about the real world too (such as accepting death in Harvest Moon 64 with the children coming to terms with it). I believe in love, and I love Harvest Moon’s unique way of showing you love someone with a blue feather, and so I want to show on my body my love for the game, as well as my own belief in love. Whether love happens to you once, and lasts forever.. Or whether you spend a life finding love after love, like many players do in each Harvest Moon game, I believe in love.

Please help me create this tattoo :) Reblog and share your ideas!


Sometimes, my boyfriend and I cuddle up in bed and play Animal Crossing together. We go on little Animal Crossing dates when it’s too late to go out.

This includes going to the museum, seeing a K.K. Slider Show…and timing hitting each other in bed so it looks like sex.

I love you Nick. Thank you for being a nerd with me.


Our pregnancy announcement!! We had been mentioning a special guest on our anniversary show for days, and revealed it was our baby!


Noka The Happy Little Snail 


Psycotic, the clinically depressed Mii (Tomodachi Life)