Pretty Little Liars/Gossip Girl Parallels

Hi guys I’ve been thinking a lot about the first season (and the entirety) of gossip girl and how it’s so much like pll! Enjoy!

There is a mysterious person controlling the social structure of teens by using social media

Aria and Serena both came back home after a drastic event

Aria and serena both have brothers that they care about deeply

Blair and hanna both used to have eating disorders and wanted to be queen b

Dan and Ezra are both writers who don’t really fit in with the glamorous lifestyles of the upper east side/rosewood

GG and PLL are both set in high society

In season 1 episode 10 of GG the pierces perform ‘secrets’

A/Gossip Girl wanted a place in society but did it by torturing people through technology

A/GG are both people who we are familiar with

If you guys find more similarities, feel free to message us! Thanks!