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Theory: The Cervello were never Varia or Millefiore aligned. They were always a part of the Giglio Nero.

subtitle: I will give all the female characters in this series the love and thought they deserve and Amano can meet me in the pit 

As a recap, the Cervello are a group of mysterious women that show up three times within the series. Two of those times, they (or another person) claims that they will act as impartial judges for the current shounen fighting gimmick. Their supposed impartialness is debatable, but not in the way you might think. 

The first time they show up is during the Varia Arc, shortly after Xanxus almost blasts away everyone and Iemitsu gets the (fake) letter from the Ninth. They claim here that they’re an independent group directly reporting to the Ninth, to which Iemitsu and Reborn seem dubious because they’ve never heard about it. However, in the end, they still act as judges throughout the entirety of the Ring Battles including at the end when they pronounce the Varia as disqualified and hand the victory over to Tsuna and Co. 

What is particularly interesting, however, is the conversation at the end of the battles when they announce that news and speak with Xanxus. 

  • Xanxus: Happy your prophecy came true?

To which the Cervello reply… 

  • Cervello: I’m sorry, sir, but this was neither our wish nor a prophecy we made. 

Now, needless to say, while I can only follow the wording of the translator for these scenes, it’s intensely interesting choice of words. A “prophecy” is a prediction, but it is a word that is associated with the mystical and arcane, seeing a result that others can only really guess at. Xanxus isn’t accusing them of planning against them, because that’s like plotting the weather- a prophecy simply sees the clouds forming and hears the approaching thunder. 

In turn, they deny that they explicitly wanted this, or that it was a prophecy they foretold…. but they don’t exactly deny it was prophecy. 

What I think happened here was Xanxus calling the Cervello out. For all they might have acted like it, treating him and the Varia with deference, the Cervello were never truly on the Varia’s side. The Cervello were working for an outside cause; Xanxus simply mistook it as one similar to his own (or perhaps always knew but his pride assured him that his Varia would win no matter what). By making a jab at the idea of prophecy, he’s saying he knows who the Cervello are truly aligned with. 

Now. Let’s think. In the world of KHR, is there anyone to which prophecy- a mystical act of seeing the future- is relevant to…?

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I’m sick of people who See the KHR Woman’s as week. these Lady’s deserves more love and respect from everyone.

Every Woman in KHR is strong. A woman dont need to fight like man to be strong. A woman is not strong just because of guns. No one in this serie runs after a man. No one is useless enough to needs to be protected by a man. This Lady’s can fight on there own. Just because other woman in other anime are weak or fight 7/24 doesn’t mean they are useless and just a “object” for the men’s.

KHR Headcanons Ver. Varia

•Xanxus, having spent his hormonal teenage years plotting with ambitions to take over the Vongola and frozen in ice, and the time after that focused solely on eliminating people, freaks the heck out over romance, something that Squalo takes great pleasure in teasing him about, especially when they’re attending social functions.
•Squalo once orchestrated an entire romantic outing for Xanxus, whom swears up and down that he didn’t try to shoot his date’s head off when she tried to kiss him goodbye. Squalo’s got video and photographic evidence proving otherwise and it’s everyone(except Xanxus)’s favorite part of Lussuria’s Varia Home Videos
•Oh yeah, Lussuria has Varia Home Videos. And scrapbooks. Squalo’s Path the the Sword Emperor is a part of it.
•When Bel was little, he’d crawl into Squalo’s bed in the middle of the night and Squalo would wake up to tiny freezing cold icicle feet poking him. Bel’s mostly grown out of it by his teens but still occasionally does so just to piss Squalo off.
•Fran was recruited to the Varia at age 17 in the original timeline, but goes back and forth between the Kokuyo gang and the Varia in the current timeline. And he does the same crawling-into-Squalo’s-bed thing Bel did.
•Squalo hates kids as a result of these two (mostly Bel, though), but he’s surprisingly good with them.
•Alternate headcanon: Xanxus is a menace with women instead of a shy boy and this is one of the worst things about Squalo’s job because guess who has to deal with every woman coming in to make Xanxus take responsibility? Sometimes there are babies left on the Varia’s doorstep (starting approximately two years after Xanxus in unfrozen, a year or so after the end of KHR) and rather than putting them in an orphanage which may or may not be a far safer environment than a mansion of assassins, dangerous sharp pointy things, and Lussuria, Xanxus makes Squalo. Raise. All of them. Bel thinks there’s a hilarious irony in this but shuts up when he’s appointed Big Brother. He starts taking more missions more often after that, preferably long term ones in far away places. Squalo, given his new post as nanny/foster father, can usually be found with with a mini-Xanxus near him and can’t take the same kinds of missions as Bel begins to prefer for a while. Xanxus eventually tones it down, much to Squalo’s immense relief, because the brood has grown to over ten kids and Squalo is surprised with himself for doling out a healthy serving of paternal affection for each of them.
•Xanxus isn’t the best father but tries to connect with his kids. Sometimes. He still mostly leaves them to Squalo.
•Squalo was once almost arrested on charges of kidnapping and there is a really funny story behind this. So, one of the mini-Xans was playing in the park with some friends after school (it was the oldest, in kindergarten), and Squalo, because he was really embarrassed ‘cause parenting really isn’t his scene, just tried to casually pick him up while speed walking past. The kids’ mothers immediately called the police to apprehend him and Squalo argued with the cops for two hours until mini-Xan finally decided he was too sleepy to keep standing and tugged on Squalo’s pant leg, demanding to go home. The police mistakenly thought he was referring to a home away from Squalo, presumably with his parents, and one well meaning lady cop asked if he knew where he lived. He pointed in a direction vaguely westwards. When asked for an address, he looked up at Squalo and asked, “Papa, what’s our address?” because of course he didn’t understand that Squalo was arguing with the cops over his custody of him and didn’t see a need to speak up, not that the police would’ve believed him anyway because no one ever believes small children. This led to another half hour of arguing until mini-Xan stole Squalo’s phone and called Xanxus to come pick them up. Which he did. Which rendered Squalo temporarily speechless because he didn’t think calling Xanxus would actually work, except apparently it did as long as it was his kid who did the calling. Anyway, the police almost wet themselves in fear because Xanxus is an angry, angry man whose son was supposed to arrive home three hours ago. Oh, and whose second in command was supposed to finish filing a mountain of mission reports.
•In the beginning, Squalo tried to make the mini-Xans stop calling him ‘dad’ but eventually gave up when the fifth one arrived.
•He put his foot down when a few of them tried to call him ‘mom,’ though.
•Xanxus’s children love Tsuna. He’s their favorite uncle. Full stop.
•This is becoming a dumping ground for my mini-Xan headcanons what is wrong with me.
•Fran hates apples but loves frogs, their legs being a delicacy in France.
•Fran’s parents were both illusionists and, ironically, both worked for the Varia but were killed in action. His grandmother is a retiree.
•Squalo will on occasion go shopping with Lussuria, but only for hair products.
•Bel and Mammon have fought a literal war over the superiority of chocolate milk or strawberry milk. Xanxus couldn’t care less, Fran sided with Mammon for Illusionist Solidarity, Levi was ignored, and Lussuria tried to set up his own skim milk side but was overrun when Squalo appeared with the metaphoric dark horse whole white milk with Yamamoto. The victory went to the swordsmen.
•Yamamoto and Dino have Varianapped Squalo to force him to take a vacation.
•Bel or Fran is usually sent to take him back.
•On rare occasions when there’s no one to send, Xanxus joins them and takes his younglings with him, more or less ruining the vacation for Squalo who just. Wants. To. Rest.
•You thought I was done with the mini-Xans.
•Squalo has been mistaken for a woman. Multiple times. A few times even mistaken for Xanxus’s wife. Xanxus laughed for two and a half straight hours and almost perished of oxygen deprivation.
•Fran looks absolutely fetching in an evening gown and that always sends Bel into mirthful hysterics.
•Nana was once a member of the Varia—Tyr’s Sun officer. It’s how she met Iemitsu. She paid the Varia a visit when they arrived in town for the Ring Battles to see how the squad was doing.
•That has absolutely no basis whatsoever but you can’t deny it would make for an interesting AU. She liked poisons and kitchen knives, and standard-issue guns for long range.
•Before Squalo met Xanxus, he’d planned on joining the Cavallone as Dino’s right hand man.
•Squalo’s parents died when he was little, but he was adopted by his godfather, whom his father was the second in command for.
•Squalo grew up with five godsisters and the amount of insight he has in the confusing ways of women terrifies even him.
•His godsisters babysit the mini-Xans when he absolutely has to go on a long term/far away mission.
•Xanxus has told Levi 'good job’ a total of three times. Too bad he wasn’t conscious to hear it.
•No one is ever conscious when Xanxus praises them.
•Except Bester. Xanxus loves Bester. Oh, and the mini-Xans.
•Lussuria follows Squalo’s hair around like a lost puppy. Well, if lost puppies carried around hair ties, ribbons, clips, brushes, combs, curling irons…
•Squalo and Lussuria have both been kicked out of men’s public baths, both for entirely different reasons. Squalo got back in. Lussuria… didn’t.
•Squalo is a beast when it comes to paperwork. Tsuna wants him, even for two hours, because he’s certain Squalo would be able to decimate at least a twentieth of his massive pile of paperwork in that amount of time.
•When the stress gets too much and Squalo cracks, he doesn’t even wait to be abducted. He grabs the mini-Xans, Yamamoto, and heads out to sea. Half the mini-Xans are terrified by this, and the other half think it great fun.
•The mini-Xans all had the same first word: “VOOOOOOIIIII!!!” Their second word, naturally, was 'trash.’
•When a mini-Xan has been kidnapped, it VOOOOOOOIIIIIIs and the rest of them also VOOOOOOOIIIIII it’s like a pack of wolves howling to alert each other. Now, imagine this happening in the middle of one of the older ones’ exams, or just in general, or even on a date, “what are you doing” “MY KIN HAS BEEN ABDUCTED, I MUST GO SAVE HER” “how do you know it’s a her” “I JUST KNOW *runs off*”
•Squalo actually discourages cursing around the mini-Xans, but not violence.
•Xanxus’s naming sense is terrible so Squalo named all of his children. There’s Gladius and Saxton and Ken and Aldobrando and Brenda and Egbertyne and Hildebrandt and Hjordis and Sedge and…
•Bel thinks Squalo’s naming sense is just as bad as Xanxus’s, but he wanted to name one of them Bel-Wannabe because it smiled a lot so he’s got no room to talk.
•Levi and Lussuria also wanted to name some. They were flat out rejected.
•Squalo became friends with Dino because he knew his name meant 'little sword.’
•Yes, Squalo had always planned to name any children he ended up having after swords and did extensive research on names. So what.
•Squalo once had a crush on a girl named Zeva. She took one look at the sword in his hand and rejected him.
•I’m running out of ideas
•In a parallel universe where the Cradle Affair didn’t happen, Aria and Xanxus were drinking buddies.
•Xanxus wanted to name Yuni.
•Aria said no.
•He ended up naming her anyway.
•In a parallel universe to that one, Aria received a dream that a man who looked an awful lot like Timoteo’s youngest named her daughter Yuni. Figuring it a prophetic dream, she went with it.
•There is no basis for these either, I just thought it was funny.
•The Varia has a sub unit of seductresses, mostly Mists, who hang around Squalo a lot and he doesn’t know why, but they really need to stop trying to touch his hair it’s annoying.
•Xanxus finds it all hilarious.
•Xanxus is capable of cooking the best steaks anyone will ever eat in their entire life.
•Bel and Xanxus call Mammon a 'he’ because they know that it’s technically a gender neutral pronoun.
•They’re also the only ones in the Varia who know it’s a gender neutral pronoun.

Okay, that’s the end. It was fun.

The Arcobaleno after they lose a game


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"you live down the hall from me and ive only just realized you have the vutest pyjamas ever" sounds so R27 to me. Tsuna has the cute PJs-Kes

Sugar, Sugar

If I read correctly, today is your birthday. 8D Happy Birthday! It’s a good thing I finished this fic today ahaha. link | ao3 link

Tsuna was facing a problem.

He was out of sugar.

Groaning at the situation that could only be found in a romance novel, Tsuna despaired. He was out of sugar. Today was the bake sale, the bake sale that Kyoko had asked for Tsuna’s help, the bake sale that Tsuna was supposed to bake his mother’s infamous chocolate chip cookies.

He was out of sugar.

Tsuna could, supposedly, run down to the store to buy more sugar, but there was one tiny little problem with that. It would take over an hour to go down to the nearest market and come back. Tsuna had only two hours before the bake sale started and the commute would take about forty five minutes. There wouldn’t be enough time to run to the store, bake the cookies and leave on time.

He truly was no-good for not checking if he had sugar.

Steeling himself, Tsuna walked outside of his apartment. Perhaps he could beg sugar off one of his neighbors. Aria and Yuni lived next door and Tsuna was close enough friends with the small ten year old girl that he could beg for sugar and Aria would probably take pity on him. Hopefully.

Tsuna would take this secret to the grave, but there was something downright terrifying about Aria. Her daughter, Yuni, was an angel, but Aria? Tsuna shuddered. The older woman smiled, but half the time, it was not a friendly smile.

Taking a fortifying breath, he knocked on the door and the door swung open.

That was not Aria who answered.

It certainly wasn’t Yuni either.

Instead stood a scary looking man with black hair, staring at Tsuna with cold black eyes. Instincts honed after years of being attacked by Hibari in both middle and high school started screaming at Tsuna. This man was dangerous!

“Hieeee!” Tsuna shrieked. “Sorrywrongapartment!”

He turned, ready to dash away when he heard Yuni’s voice.


Tsuna froze. He looked back to see Yuni peeking around the scary man’s legs. The black haired girl beamed at him.

“Tsuna-nii!” Yuni said, darting out to hug Tsuna.

“Yuni-chan?” Tsuna asked, hesitating just a little as he scooped her into a hug. Warily, he glanced at the dark scary man who just quirked a questioning eyebrow up.

Yuni followed his line of vision and giggled. “That’s just Uncle Reborn,” she said brightly. “He looks mean, but he’s really nice.”

Now, Tsuna adored Yuni. He truly did. But his instincts didn’t lie. This man was dangerous! He might be nice to Yuni, but clearly to anyone who wasn’t this precious child, the man was dangerous.

“Chaos,” Reborn said, leaning his shoulder against the doorframe.

Tsuna choked. What kind of greeting was that? Slowly, warning bells went off in Tsuna’s head. If Yuni wasn’t still in his arms, Tsuna would have taken the opportunity to run away very fast. He was starting to feel like a piece of meat being eyed by a very hungry predator.

He watched a razor sharp smirk spread across Reborn’s face. “Nice pajamas,” Reborn purred. “The lions are a nice touch.”

Tsuna squeaked, glancing down at his sleepwear. He hadn’t changed clothes before leaving his apartment! His face burned with embarrassment. On top of that, he was wearing the blue pajamas, patterned with cartoon lions on them that his mother had bought for him.

Reborn leaned closer to Tsuna. Tsuna leaned back, gulping nervously. “What can I help you with Tsuna?” Reborn asked.

“I-I need some s-sugar?” Tsuna sputtered out.

Yuni’s eyes went wide before she let out a childish gleeful cry. “Are you baking your infamous chocolate chip cookies, Tsuna-nii?” she asked. “Can I help?”

Yes,” Reborn said. “Can we help?”

Tsuna squeaked again. He had a very bad feeling about this.

Check the tag out for more of this universe.