aria x ezra

Wait hold up, stop. The things that alison teased the girls about in the beginning: Emily’s sexuality, arias dads affair, Spencer kissing Ian, Hanna’s weight. Guys, guys! Alison wasn’t evil! Even in the beginning!

Emily’s sexuality: she was pushing her to figure it out and the “maybe a little too much em.” Could be taken as “bitch don’t look at pretty women, I am the only woman in your life”.

Arias dads affair: she was pushing Aria to tell her mom! To be open and honest, and fair to her mom!

Spencer kissing Ian: same thing as arias dad! She was trying to keep Spencer close with her sister!

Hannas weight: she knew that Hanna wouldn’t be bullied if she lost weight, and would be happier in her body.

Listen, I’m not saying Alison went about any of these things in the right way, she manipulated, lied, threatened, and blackmailed her best friends. But shit guys. She was trying to help them! And maybe she didn’t quite understand any love other than tough love cause that’s all she’d ever been shown!

“God ali, why do we keep having to prove that we love you!” As shown in this statement Emily said, she doesn’t know what soft love is.

Do you know what all this reminds me of?

ADs board game…

Alison not knowing how to talk to her friends is giving them some tough love. What has she done wrong? She took Emily’s exam for her, she gave Spencer a letter (she could’ve stolen that from her mom) and pushed her to talk to Toby, she gave Emily the blackmail she needed, GUYS SERIOUSLY WHAT HAS AD DONE WRONG SOMEONE TELL ME

Once all the dust settles Hanna and Caleb will be together, Aria and Ezra, Spencer and Toby, and Emily and Alison. Even is she does get revealed it’ll be sorta a Much Ado About Nothing situation.

(I mean Paige might die but I don’t give two fucks)

7x20 spoilers
  • <p> <b></b> Hanna is going to tell them she's pregnant.<p/><b></b> Aria having second thoughts "can't marry him".<p/><b></b> AD would be reveled as someone we love and we gonna want to kill Marlene.<p/><b></b> Emison is EndGame ❤<p/><b></b> Finishing around 5 tissue boxes if not more.<p/><b></b> Many but many reaction videos to 7x20<p/><b></b> Tumblr is going to explode from this fandom.<p/><b></b> Im about to lose myself once again (1st was after TVD)<p/><b></b> We won't see Jason cause Drew Van Acker thinks he's way better from this show.... Somewhere he's right.<p/><b></b> We gonna cry and hug each other while cursing and spamming with thank you Marlene social media pages.<p/><b></b> Those 5 Liars would forever be part of my life.<p/></p>