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When Lucy and I had  a “love thing…” she had pasties on, so I thought that it would be really funny if I took those and put them on my eyes, but one of them got stuck. When I finally got it [out] multiple eyelashes came out!

Ian Harding, Paleyfest 2017 [x]

BONUSIn another love scene, Harding recalls getting a surprise bloody nose, making the scene seem like a “horror” scene.

There once was a man who fell in love with the sea. When he woke in bed at night, he did not look at his wife. He did not touch the thighs that he had been given by her, or gaze with desire at the nipples that had hardened in the cold that the wind brought in. He rose instead, slipped out of the white sheets, and went to the window. He listened to the waves; he watched them as they hit the shore. The moon appeared in patches on the surface, and he wished that he could be the moon, spreading skin against skin.

After many nights of gazing, he could not wait any more. For the first time in a long time, he looked at his wife after waking. In the darkness, he made out what he could of her: the gleam of her teeth, wet with the spit that had come from behind them, her dark long legs tangled in the whiteness of the sheets. He did not kiss her. He did not want to wake her. He did not light a candle, and walked slowly, to be sure that when he walked upon the floorboards, they would not make their noise. When he reached the beach, the sand was wet and sank below his steps. When he reached the dock, it was slick and moaned beneath him. As he touched the water, he took a breath and closed his eyes.

In the meantime, his wife was dreaming. She dreamt of him, of how loving he had been in the forest where they had met, in the time before they had gone to make their living by the sea. She remembered how he called her “flower”; she remembered how she called him “bee.” When the winter wind broke into the room, it suddenly awakened her. For a moment she had forgotten of his loss of love, and touched her hand to the mattress where he should have been. The imprint of his body was still there, but he was not. In the darkness, she looked for him, but she could not find the familiar shape. She made an effort to return to sleep, but the cold would not allow it.

She rose from bed, the sheets wrapped like a coat around her. Something in the sea, perhaps the something that had always drawn him, drew her toward it. She rubbed her fingers together as she walked, and felt the grains of sand that had collected beneath her nails. She smelled the sea, tasted the rot that drifted in from the canneries, no matter how often they were cleaned. She lifted her face out the window and looked. She saw what she always saw: the town, the docks, the moon, the sea. She closed her eyes. Thinking of him, she licked her lips and tasted the salt and the water. As she touched herself, she took a breath and closed her eyes.

—  Elisa Fernández-Arias
The board game plays a big part in the last nine episodes. Obviously, all of the girls will get a turn and it puts them in very uncomfortable situations ― life-or-death situations. And, Aria, it really pits her against the girls. For the first time it’s little Aria against the rest of them, so things get weird.
—  Lucy Hale [x]
… A short while ago, maybe a few days ago, I was a girl walking in a world of colors, of clear and tangible shapes. Everything was mysterious and something was hiding; guessing its nature was a game for me. If you knew how terrible it is to attain knowledge all of a sudden—like lightning elucidating the earth! Now I live on a painful planet, transparent as ice. It’s as if I had learned everything at the same time, in a matter of seconds…
—  Frida Kahlo, from a letter to Alejandro Gómez Arias

George with the two loves of his life, Pattie Boyd and Olivia Arias,

“When George got together with Pattie, Mrs. Harrison and I were delighted. Of course to the rest of the world it might have been ‘Beatle Marries Model’ but to those that really knew them it was clear that this was a genuine modern-day love story” - Harold Harrison

“Because you’re sweet and lovely girl, I love you” - George, For You Blue lyrics

“When George and Pattie separated in 1973, Harrison began having phone conversations with Olivia Trinidad Arias, a young woman who worked at the LA office of his label, Dark Horse Records. ‘He told me that he had his chart done and his chart told him that he would meet a dark woman and he assumed it would be an Indian woman,’ says Chris O’Dell. ‘So when he met Olivia it was almost ordained by the gods. The first night he flew [to LA] that was it. I don’t think they were ever apart after the first night.’

“My Dark Sweet Lady, your heart so close to mine. You shine so heavenly and I love you dearly. My Dark Sweet Lady.” - George, Dark Sweet Lady lyrics