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Bloody Flashbacks, Radley Files, & Can We Believe the Answers We`re Given - PLL 6x04 “Don`t Look Now” Analysis

I can`t believe we`re already discussing 6x04 - it feels like this half season is just flying by! This episode had everything; investigating, relationship dramas, new characters, a “Black Hoodie” ending, and finally - a pretty significant reveal. 

The Charles Reveal & Can We Believe It

So, the big reveal of the night - Charles DiLaurentis was Ali and Jason`s older, mentally disturbed brother. He was sent to Radley because when Alison was 11 months old he put Ali in a bath filled with hot water, most likely with the intention of watching her drown. 

Great! So this explains everything, right? Why Charles became “A”? He hates Alison and he`s hated her since she was a baby…Well, not so fast. Charles DiLaurentis is dead.

I was thrilled to get this huge answer, but then I thought,  is it really an answer if it makes me more confused than I was before? The way I see it, Charles is either dead OR he is “A”. Because how can he be “A” AND dead at the same time? Doesn`t make much sense now, does it? The only other explanation I can think of is that someone has assumed Charles` identity and has been attacking the girls and half the people they know in Charles` name. Only then the #CharlesIsA hashtag would be somewhat of a lie. 

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