aria montegomery

okay so i’ve seen a couple people hating on Aria for sleeping with Riley. i mean, the girl is incredibly confused and heartbroken and everything she once knew turned out to be the complete opposite, she literally thinks she was just a prop to Ezra’s secret life, she thinks she was never loved by the man she loved recklessly.

she’s allowed to get a little drunk, get a little crazy and sleep with a random dude. she’s allowed to think that’s how you move on. she’s allowed to act completely irrationally, she’s in a frame of mind where even her mistakes seem to make sense. shaming her for it just makes you look like the crazy one to be honest.


Aria mentioning Toby while she makes no effort to actually interact with him.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if PLL did an alternate universe episode where Ashley would play Spencer, Troian would play Aria, Shay would play Hanna, Sasha would play Emily, and Lucy would play Alison… That would be freakin’ epic.