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Wren is ChArles Hint

Once again I was on a Pretty Little Liars re-watch spree, when I came across this interesting statement that made me start thinking. In season 1, episode 2 “The Jenna Thing”, Wren finds Spencer in her room and he begins to flirt with her. Before kissing her, he comments something to which Spencer replies with: “I didn’t know you were into design”. 

That’s an interesting thing to say. Especially considering in season 5, episode 25 “Welcome to the Dollhouse”, the liars find themselves trapped in a life-size dollhouse containing rooms that are almost exact replicas of their own:

Even the littlest things in these fake rooms are accounted for: paintings like the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Hanna’s room, Emily’s desk, Aria’s lamp and books, and even  Spencer’s handmade wooden chair.  

What I’m trying to say is whoever created these rooms needs to either be good at, or into, design. These rooms are way too planned out, and exact to not have the person who created them be into some sort of design. 

As we know from Spencer’s statement, that person seems to be Wren. Could this be an indirect connection trying to prove that Wren could actually be Charles?