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Ezra is AD and Big Bad of PLL - Season 2

This post is a continuation of other posts that offer evidence that Ezra is Uber A and Big Bad of PLL. This post deals solely with evidence from Season 2.

The Aria-Ezra-Jason love triangle:

What is more classic than a family rivalry over a girl? That scene at the dinner table is memorable. I’m thinking Ezra is also Mary Drake’s and was adopted to the Fitzgeralds. It’s very interesting if Ezra is A ..after Ali and Aria at the same time, while Jason tries to protect them both, in his own way.

Ezra also brought whiskey to the dinner at Aria’s which A is commonly seen drinking. Only a few characters at this point in the show are old enough to buy alcohol. Ezra is one of them.

Ezra’s Hollis diploma was seen in Dr. Sullivan’s office….A/Mona would’ve had to plant it. Who would have given Mona access to the diploma other than Ezra? Maybe Aria … but we all know how everyone feels about the Aria is A theories.

Jason tells Aria that Alison took the pictures of her she found, but Ali never mentions this nor do they explain. Who else would have intimate access to Aria to take pictures of her sleeping and plant them as Ali’s? Ezra. These same pictures are seen above A’s desk in a lair. Later on in season 6, Ezra mentions having a portrait of Aria above his desk. Maybe this was the one he was actually talking about.

Jason then has this photo framed and gives it to Aria as a gift.

Then A seems to viciously go after Jason. It would make sense if Ezra actually took these pictures and got jealous when Jason framed them for Aria. It would make perfect sense that Ezra would want to punish Jason for trying to take Aria away from him (hence the elevator shaft incident).

In “Eye of the Beholder,” we learn that Jenna was in Jason’s house when it exploded. However, Jason never asked Jenna to come over or was involved with her. It would make sense that Ezra would want to get back at Jason for trying to be with Aria and set his house on fire in revenge. After Aria’s parents forbid her to see Ezra - instead of doing the responsible thing and stay away from her - this obviously doesn’t stop him even though his feelings for her may or may not be real at this point.

Lolita, the book connected to Vivian Darkbloom, is about a teacher being sexually attracted to young girls. Aria looks like Vivian Darkbloom, Ali’s alter ego.

As soon as Jackie started getting into Ezra’s business again, he sent the liars to destroy her. Why would A care about Jackie unless it was someone close to him? Jackie tries to mess with Ezra’s relationship with Aria. This would ruin his “research” and her utility to him as a source of information if they broke up.

Ezra has a mask on at the ball but takes it off and kisses her publicly. The episode is called “unmasked.” Also: He now has his claws in deep and can control her at will.

Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts

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Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts

“Run those numbers by me again,” Rae Nelson said, mobile held to her ear. She held her pen at the ready and started making notes. Seconds later, the door burst open, fourteen-year old Aria tumbling through. Rae dropped the phone at the sight of tears streaming down her face. Before she could say anything, Aria ran from the room, sprinting up the stairs. Rae fumbled for the phone.
Shit–Drew, I’ll call you back,” Rae ignored his next words, tapping the end button before heading for the stairs. Rae could hear Aria’s cries from the staircase and felt her heart constrict. What in the bloody hell happened?

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Theory: The Character Maddie Ziegler Might Be Playing is a Young Aria

Maddie Ziegler from Dance Moms will make a guest appearance in Radley. 

It was confirmed in Seventeen Magazine she will be dancing:

Now, I was initially pretty sure she was playing a young Spencer or Bethany but now I think she is playing a young Aria.

In Season 5′s “Taking This One To The Grave” a scene that probably sounded like it wasn’t important might actually be way more important than we thought.

There’s a scene where Aria is doing volunteer work at Radley and Spencer and Mona sneak in to get some Bethany information. There is a nurse that is at the desk. Aria knocks paint to the ground, making a mess. The nurse goes to her and then Aria starts rambling and reveals this:

“Can you believe I actually wanted to be a dancer growing up? But then I realized I was on the shorter side and a career crisis averted.”

Interesting connection, huh? Now I know at this moment this could’ve meant nothing but now this could actually have meant something.

Also don’t forget when the girls were attending therapy, they all seemed to have filled in their information except Aria, who seems to already be on file.

Was young Aria a patient at Radley as a child? Was a young Aria a patient at Radley as a teenager? 

Lets not forget Eddie Lamb recognized her and wondered if they’d met before.

Tell me what you guys think!


The classroom is full when Ezra rushes in a little late. It’s pouring outside and he’s wearing a white shirt, which is now drenched. Since he was running late, he didn’t have time to try to change it. It’s now see-through and sticking to him.

While he gets settled at his desk, Aria can hear the chatter around the room. Of course her boyfriend is hot, and she knows that, but she doesn’t appreciate other people checking him out. Several minutes later, Ezra assigns the class some work and then quickly excuses himself to change. When he leaves, Mona looks straight at Aria and says, “Wow, Mr. Fitz looks good drenched in water. I’d like to see that after school. Right girls?” Internally, Aria is fuming, but she knows Mona is trying to piss her off.

At the end of class, Mona gets up from her desk and walks by Aria on her way out. Aria sticks her foot out, perhaps a little too far, and “accidentally” trips Mona. Ezra witnesses the entire thing and stifles a laugh. 

Aria sat at her desk in her bedroom, her gaze flitting between the paper she was supposed to be working on and the phone sitting next to her laptop. She hadn’t heard from Hanna for a couple of days and she was starting to worry that she’d done something wrong. She wasn’t sure what she could have done and she had no idea what to do when her phone calls were being ignored. It was odd behaviour from Hanna. Aria had been friends with her since childhood and even when they were in the middle of an argument they both always answered their phones in case something was wrong. 

Aria sighed and turned back to her laptop, forcing herself to focus on her paper. There was nothing she could do about the situation with Hanna right now but she could get through the paper so that she could try to find out what was wrong with Hanna later. “Stupid history paper…”

Breaking News

Chapter 1/?- Getting the gang together

Words- 1673

Prompt- Paige gets kidnapped by “A” & is beaten up & the whole thing is broadcast to the police & liars. After finally locating the place where paige is held the police rescue her. When they make an arrest later it is revealed that Allison was behind the whole thing & that she’s been A the whole time

The television was on and the family was sitting in the living room watching the news after dinner. Paige had gone home a couple hours ago to have dinner with her family because her dad was actually home right now. Emily’s dad was on leave as well and she wanted to spend as much time with him as she could since she started being the assistant coach and spending her afternoons at the school pool again. A ‘Breaking News’ alert came on and the news anchors started to show video of someone who had been kidnapped recently. It was unusual for a kidnapper to show live video so this was a big deal. That was when everyone in the room sat bolt up and couldn’t breathe.

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