aria and wesley

Realizing that three of my favorite shows are ending this year..

1) Teen Wolf 2) Vampire Diaries 3 ) Pretty Little Liars

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Like when Aria kissed Wesley. And when she kissed Jason. And when she kissed Ezra while dating Jake.
I was expecting an A message threatening her to tell the truth, but somehow it eventually always go away like nothing ever happened.
I don’t think A would miss an opportunity(s) like that, do you? I’m not saying Aria is A, I’m saying she has something to do with Charles.

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Ian Harding talking about Aria and Wesley kissing.

Love interest for every liar

Hanna: Sean, Caleb, Wren, Travis, Holbrook
Total: 5
Emily: Ben, Maya, Paige, Alison, Samara, Talia, Nate/Lyndon, Sara
Total: 8
Alison: Ian, Ezra, Emily, Lorenzo
Total: 4
Spencer: Alex, Wren, Toby, Jonny, Collin, Ian
Total: 6
Aria: Ezra, Noel, Jason, Wesley, Jake, Connor, Riley, Andrew, Clark
Total: 9
Sara and Clark aren’t 100% confirmed but we all know it’s a matter of waiting before something will happen