Stammi Vicino / Stay By My Side (Soprano)
Stammi Vicino / Stay By My Side (Soprano)

It has been my ambition to record a cover of Victor’s beautiful aria “Stammi Vicino” since first hearing it, and discovering it was written just for this anime. I offer my sincere thanks to Hiiteiru for helping this recording become a reality by sharing her transcription of the instrumentals with me.  Several takes (and teas) later, I present you “Stammi Vicino”, the soprano cover.  I sincerely hope you enjoy it; I really wanted to share it with the fandom before this amazing figure skating ride came to its conclusion.

P.S. Since the duet’s release, I’ve recorded a second rendition of this aria! You can find it HERE if you’re interested. :) 

Thanks VanroMarand, my lovely SS who gifted me this beautiful watercolour art of Victor, used as the track visual here! 

tc playlist

i created this playlist on spotify + it is like genuine therapy when i’m just in one of those moods over R. i hope it can help you in some way, or just introduce you to new music.

so this is my playlist for the TCC, “unrequited love”

  • jealous//labrinth
  • older//birdy
  • campus//vampire weekend
  • the words//christina perri
  • so//ed sheeran
  • rules//jayme dee
  • uncover//zara larsson
  • the art teacher//rufus wainwright
  • heaven//troye sivan
  • all you never say//birdy
  • home//birdy
  • all about you//birdy
  • 1000 times//sara bareilles
  • i can’t make you love me//landa
  • lua//bright eyes
  • one night//christina perri
  • skinny love//bon iver
  • lies(acoustic)//marina and the diamonds
  • make you love me//troye sivan
  • too young//sabrina carpenter
  • close to you//rihanna
  • teach me//keaton henson
  • literature lovers//jose vanders
  • sex(acoustic)//the 1975
  • fallingforyou//the 1975
  • me//the 1975
  • let him go//birdy
  • brooklyn baby//lana del rey
  • grow old with me//tom odell
  • thinking bout you//ariana grande
  • first day of my life//bright eyes
  • all i ask//adele
  • kiss me//ed sheeran
  • to build a home//the cinematic orchestra