White-crowned sparrow (Zonotrichia leucophrys), at the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch, Gilbert, Arizona.

I love the common little birds. Sometimes they turn out to have uncommon abilities. These sparrows sing songs built of snippets and themes from the songs of birds they are exposed to when very young. Consequently, song dialects can emerge, and if a cohort is in an area where two distinct white-crowned dialects overlap, birds in that group will become fluent singing both songs. 

S E N D  M E  A N  E M O J I

 😷 eww

😍 cute

😉 hot

😘 crushing

❤️ love ya

👌 perfect

😒 annoying

🤗 i like ya

🙄 idk ya

👽 yer weird

😡 i don’t like ya

💭 wish we talked

😠 ya piss me off

😴 yer boring

😄 we get along

🔥 yer kinky

😂 yer funny

😱 ya scare me


Walnut Canyon National Monument

A few miles East of Flagstaff, Arizona you can visit another national monument featuring more of the ancient native cliff dwellings that are so common among the Southwest. An easy descent down steps leads you to a 1 mile loop trail around the cliff dwellings with great views of the surrounding canyon. Another 1 mile walk take you out to a few viewpoints which offer another perspective on the monument. This was an easy experience that is worth the day trip if you are spending some time in Flagstaff.

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Sun setting over the Grand Canyon