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Fake Conversation Between the Signs

Pisces: You know what I love the most about you?

Aries: *chuckles* I got an idea…*eyebrow wiggles*

Pisces: No, not that!! Well that too…but I meant your eyes.

Aries: Well, I love when you smile because your nose wrinkles at the top *boops nose*

Virgo: You know what I love? When you shut up and get out of my house!

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Fake Conversations between the Signs

Aries: Remember that time I pushed you into the trash can, and a raccoon was inside. You were screaming so loud! It was so funny!

Virgo: Yeah, I had nightmares about if for almost 3 years!

Aries: Ahhh….memories…

Virgo: Why’d you bring that up?

Aries: *pushes Virgo into a trash can* That’s why…

Fake Conversation Between the Signs

Leo: You know that party I went to last night?

Aries: Ya, why tho?

Leo: I got drunk.

Aries: No surprise.

Leo: And I followed this guy home.

Aries: And….?

Leo: I tried to catch him on Pokémon Go.

Aries: Was he just that ugly or just that short?

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Fake or Real?

Aries: You are mostly real, but sometimes you can be fake.

Taurus: You’re real, really real. But when you hate someone you just act weird.

Gemini: Fake. FaKe. FAKE.

Cancer: You a little fake.

Leo: You’re as real as canned cheese…yeah you’re fake.

Virgo: You’re sooooo real

Libra: Sometimes you are the realest Queen B. But you’re mostly fake.

Scorpio: Realer than a bag of home made brownies. Real and Natural!

Aquarius: …tbh i don’t know about you, but you seem fake.

Sagittarius: You can be real but deep down that realness is actually fake.

Capricorn: Some of you Caps are real, and some a faker than Baby Alive.

Pisces: You’re real. 100% real.

The signs as Amy from Faking It


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