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Which Emma Watson Are You ?

Today is Emma Watson’s Birthday !!!!! :D

Aries : Ila ( Noah )

Taurus : Lucy ( My Week With Marilyn )

Gemini : Hermiona Granger ( Harry Potter ) 

Cancer : Lena ( Colonia Dignidad )

Leo : Emma Watson ( This Is The End )

Virgo: Bella ( Beauty and the Beast)

Libra: Pauline Fossil ( Ballet Shoes )

Scorpio : Nicki Moore ( The Bling Ring )

Sagittarius : Sam (The Perks Of Being a Wallflower)

Capricorn : Princess Pea ( Tale Of Desperaux )

Aquarius : Angela Gray ( Regression )

Pisces : Mae Holland ( The Circle )

My amazingly talented older sister Jalaina Carey is turning 20 on the 11th, and she is the artist of the above pieces of art (x) (x)

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addicted-to-t-e-a  asked:

omgomg birthday hcs!! lovely! happy birthday <3 how about jerejean + rain?

Thank youuu ❤❤ (although it’s the 28th hehe)
Jerejean + rain, here you go:

  • jean likes the rain
  • it brings back memories from when he was training with the ravens
  • memories of endless days of practice, no matter the weather
  • days and nights of practice under the rain were not unusual
  • so his mind wanders there
  • and he stands, unmoving, unprotected, under the rain
  • his clothes soaked
  • but he likes it
  • because the rain makes him feel
  • jeremy watches jean from the window
  • some months have passed since jean joined the trojans, and every day jeremy feels like he understands that mysterious boy a little more
  • which felt impossible at the beginning
  • so there he is, staring
  • wanting to know more about him
  • so he decides to join him in the rain
  • jeremy didn’t like the rain before
  • he was more of a sun guy
  • rainy days made him feel a bit sad
  • but now it’s different
  • standing in front of jean, who’s just noticed him, the rain makes jeremy feel… good
  • and so he extends his hand for jean to take
  • because he wants to know more, to feel more
  • and, to jeremy’s surprise, jean takes it
  • jeremy laces their fingers together
  • and, because he’s under the rain
  • and everything feels a bit unreal
  • he lets his mouth touch the other boy’s lips
  • jean is not surprised
  • he actually has wanted this to happen for some time now
  • and because it’s raining, he feels more
  • so he kisses jeremy
  • under the rain
  • because jeremy is the other one thing that makes jean feel
  • and jeremy takes it, and kisses him back
  • because maybe rainy days aren’t for sadness
  • maybe they are for possibility
  • and feeling
  • and who knows, maybe love

Thank you for the prompt, I hope you like it <3

Let’s have an early celebration of my b-day together!

- Ari