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30 Day Wrestling Challenge

DAY 22: Favorite Era: The New Era 💕

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The Signs As Boyfriends (requested)

Aries: (Robert Downey Jr., James Franco, Seth Rogen) The Ken Doll. Aries is the boyfriend you do not want to piss off, when a girl is dating an Aries male no other guys will mess with her because they know of the rage that waits for them if they do. A girl will always feel protected when she’s out with her Aries, these signs can be more traditional and more often then not they will be follow the stereotype for the typical boyfriend (The Ken Doll) they have the nice car, nice house, loads of friends, they throw the super bowl party and they expect you to be the one making the dip and mixing the drinks. Aries boyfriends are nice because they will let you have your space when it comes to wanting time with the girls, they won’t blow up your phone while you’re out for the night because they need their space as well. Aries will always be cracking jokes and is sure to keep the relationship interesting as long as their is a mutual level of respect. Aries make a great pairing with Gemini who also needs their freedom and time alone.

Taurus: (David Beckham, George Clooney, Channing Tatum) the relaxed boyfriend. Taurus guys are the chillest guys you will ever meet, if you’re someone who likes to lay around the house and be lazy, make some food and set up a line of movies for the night then this is the boyfriend for you. They don’t get excited very easily and like to opt for low maintenance pairings who won’t get caught up in drama. They don’t like to have a lot of people over, just keeping it with the two of you makes them happy. These boyfriends can make a mean meal out of anything and will often surprise you with a huge breakfast in bed and a smile. They can come off as mysterious and withdrawn into their own world which can make signs like Libras and Scorpios suspicious and may jump to conclusions when there’s really nothing to worry about. If he’s being quiet and doesn’t want you looking at what he’s typing on his phone it’s probably due to a personal memo or poem he’s writing and not someone he’s texting. Taurus pair well with Pisces and Cancers because these signs are laid back and caught up in their own world as well.

Gemini: (Johnny Depp, Shia LaBeouf, Dave Franco) The entertaining boyfriend. Gemini guys are always talking and will always surprise you with a different opinion on something. They have a frat boy mentality. They are known to be one of the more feminine signs for males which can be a really good thing. They won’t be embarrassed to hold your purse while you go out shopping or tag along for a dinner with your parents. Parents love Gemini guys because they can pull the good guy card, even if they don’t have a car or job at the time your parents will believe they do. They are known to do many unlikely and unexpected things in the blink of an eye, like put a bag over their head and walk around the street. A Gemini man will always keep you laughing and doesn’t get annoyed by drama, they also don’t judge so if you are more of the high maintenance type this is the guy for you.

Cancer: (Beck, Daniel Radcliffe, Jason Mraz) the shy and cunning boyfriend. Cancer guys are probably the easiest sign to spot and that’s because they are some of the shyest guys you will ever meet. They aren’t loud outgoing or outspoken and usually have a low level of self confidence that needs to constantly be complimented and brought up. Cancer boyfriends need attention but for the attention that you give them they will return loads of personality and compliments once they are alone with you. Cancers are the funniest sign of the zodiac and will have you dying laughing anytime they are with you. They always have cool stories and deep insights and when paired with the right sign the compatibility is higher then most. Cancers can connect deeper and easier than any other sign.

Leo: (Aldous Huxley, Andy Warhol, Ben Affleck) the confident and hilarious boyfriend. Leo’s are usually solely known for their confidence but it’s an unknown fact that Leo guys are super artistic and the majority of famous authors including Herman Melville, H.P. Lovecraft and Aldous Huxley were all Leos. They can translate their feelings and opinions clearer than any other sign so arguments and misunderstandings are few and far between with this boyfriend which is why they pair so well with Virgos. Leos have so many friends because of their wit, charm, and humor so if you’re someone who likes to have a lot of people around and share the spotlight than a Leo is a perfect pair for you.
Virgo: (Adam Sandler, Arnold Palmer, Buddy Holly) the cute nerdy boyfriend. Virgo boyfriends don’t care what anyone has to say about them or their partner. If someone has a bad reputation they are usually ready to look past that and forgive. Virgo boyfriends are some of the most forgiving signs out their, public opinion means nothing to them. They are a very nurturing sign and will provide for their significant other. Typically antisocial Virgo boyfriends tend to live alone until they find someone they want to live their life with.

Scorpio: (Brad Paisley, Charles Manson, Matthew McConaughey) the mysterious and zealous boyfriend. Just the simple air of mystery will attract you to a Scorpio guy. They ooze sex appeal and are known to be one of the most intimidating, controlling, and passionate guys of the zodiac. Scorpio guys can read you like a book and then tear out your pages one by one. These guys get off on arguing, they love arguing and typically are attracted to higher maintenance girls that’s want to argue as well (Libras and Scorpios) they love angry sex and will sometimes piss you off just to get that and then will make up for it after. If you want a romantic whirlwind of a relationship then a Scorpio guy is the one for you.

Libra: (Will Smith, Josh Hutcherson, Sacha Baron Cohen) the detailed boyfriend. This is the boyfriend who will remember exactly what you were wearing on your first date and the song you were listening to when you first kissed. They’ll never forget an anniversary and will be upset if you do. They’ll have all kinds of surprises up their sleeves and spontaneous date nights that they planned out long in advance. While Libra boyfriends can sound perfect they will be giving of themselves and will want you to always appreciate and be open to give up yourself as well. If you seem less than surprised or appreciative of their hard work they will take it to heart and get very upset. Libra guys love arguing too so when this happens be prepared. Dating a Libra guy is like walking on broken glass.

Sagittarius: (Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Brad Pitt) the honest boyfriend. Sagittarius boyfriends always take the first step and will make it blatantly obvious if they like you. They are great in bed and are ultra charming. They have a dark side to them that can be super romantic but only in private. They will fulfill all of these dark fantasies and are the most spontaneous sign of the zodiac. They provide the fun but they want you to put in the work for it. If you’re looking for a sugar daddy then a Sagittarius is not the sign for you. When they get something good they don’t want to share it. Sagittarius guys can be ultra jealous and protective. They will give you one of the most memorable and fun relationships ever.

Capricorn: (Dave Grohl, Edgar Allen Poe, Marilyn Manson) the controlled and collected boyfriend. If you’re a submissive you will love a cappy. They like to have everything under control, love lists and making plans and taking care of you. A Capricorn boyfriend will always make you feel protected. They are some of the hardest workers out there and they have a dark sense of humor. They like to find odd characteristics and different types of people to befriend because typical bores them. If you can keep a Capricorn interested you can keep him in general.

Aquarius: (Christian Bale, John Travolta, Justin Timberlake) the intriguing boyfriend. If you don’t mind being critiqued and take it as a way to improve yourself then you will love an Aquarius boyfriend. While they are known to analyze everything when they find someone they like the love is deep. Aquarius guys are the most loyal of the zodiac. They will show you more and more fun sides to their personality and tell you even more things you didn’t know as the relationship leads on.

Pisces: (Chuck Norris, George Harrison, Jack Kerouac) the deep boyfriend. A Pisces boyfriend will grab you by the heartstrings and play you a love song on them. Pisces guys are some of the deepest males in the zodiac, once they open up to you you will be intrigued by the unconditional love and feelings they have. They will take you on a romantic journey and you will be in love faster then you know it. A Pisces male is psychic and will know exactly what makes you happy and what interests you before you have time to open your mouth. They steer clear from drama and like to find someone who keeps to themselves because they do this as well. Pisces guys can be hard to understand because they don’t know how to express themselves verbally as well as they do in writing.

Signs as Egyptian Gods and Godesses
  • Aries: Seth, man with the head of a 'seth animal'(unidentifiable). God of chaos,represented everything that threatened harmony in Egypt.
  • Taurus: Bastet, a protective goddess. Usually gentle, but sometimes appeared with the head of a lioness to protect the kind in battle, otherwise had the head of a cat. The cat was a symbol of Bastet.
  • Gemini: Hathor, woman with the ears of a cow, headress of horns. Protective goddess, and goddess of love and joy.
  • Cancer: Bes, Dwarf with lion and human like features. Protector of newborn babies, pregnant women, and family. Ancient Egyptians also believe Bes protected against snake and scorpion bites.
  • Leo: Isis, woman with headdress in the shape of a throne and a pair of cow horns with a sun disk. Protective goddess. She used powerful magic spells to help people in need. Associated with thrones.
  • Virgo: Seshat, woman wearing a panther skin dress and a star headdress. Goddess of writing and measurement.
  • Libra: Ma'at, a woman with a feather on her head. Goddess of truth, justice, and harmony. Associated with the balance of things on earth.
  • Scorpio: Nut, woman who's body arches over the sky wearing a dress decorated with stars. Sky-goddess, whose body created a vault or canopy over the earth. At the end of the day, she swallows the sun god Ra, and gives birth to him again the next morning.
  • Capricorn: Sekhmet, 'the powerful one'. A woman with the head of a lioness. Goddess of war.
  • Sagittarius: Geb, man lying down below the arch of the sky goddess Nut with a goose on his head. God of the earth. Ancient Egytpians believe earthquakes were Gebs laughter.
  • Aquarius: Thoth, man with the head of an Ibis holding a writing palette. God of writing and knowledge. Gave the gift of hieroglyphics. Also connected to the moon.
  • Pisces: Khnum, man with the head of a curly horned ram. Creator god, molded people on a potters wheel. Since potters used nile mud, khnum was also connected to the inundation.
I Remember when I was younger I HATED men with beards

Years later, AND men like THESE, prove that young me had no taste in men 😂😂😂(I was gonna add way more, but the damn gif limit!!!)

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--and then there were two.

With the theme being genesis, the Red Mars Project seemed fitting: the reason the test-tube babies were created, the reason the Ark with the Kudlak and Krusnik Bacillus was discovered, and the reason Armageddon occured along with the following Dark Ages. In a lot of ways, the Red Mars Project set the stage for the entire setting of Trinity Blood.


Austin Aries & Jimmy Jacobs vs. Necro Butcher & Tyler Black

Someone asked me to find this for them. I couldn’t so I uploaded it to youtube. Everyone enjoy some classic Austin Aries and Seth Rollins before it gets taken down.

Ancient Egyptian Gods and Godesses

Aries: Seth - God of chaos

Taurus: Bastet - Goddess of pleasure

Gemini: Horus - God of the sky

Cancer: Anubis - God of the dead 

Leo: Amun - King of the Gods

Virgo: Khepri - God of creation 

Libra: Ma’at - Goddess of truth, justice and harmony

Scorpio: Osiris - God of the dead and ruler of the underworld

Sagittarius: Ra - The Sun God

Capricorn: Sekhmet - Goddess of war

Aquarius: Thoth - God of writing and knowledge

Pisces: Hathor - Goddess of love and joy