ari plane

La vida de...
  • Aries: Sintiéndose aburrido todo el tiempo de la vida que lleva, soñando despierto en una vida mas emocionante recurriendo a libros, películas y música.
  • Tauro: Tratando de vencer el habito de acostarse a la madrugada y no dormir nada. Y posponiendo el momento del día en el que tiene que hacer ejercicio.
  • Géminis: Creando historias en su cabeza que nunca van a pasar. Inventando conversaciones en su mente con personas con las que desea hablar pero que nunca se atreve. Mas conversaciones con el mismo que con gente real.
  • Cáncer: Con deseos de ver a sus amigos, pero sin salir de su casa. Descubriendo música nueva todos los días, mientras se arrepiente de todo lo que ha hecho durante toda su vida.
  • Leo: Queriendo salir de su casa, pero sufriendo al tener que arreglarse y quitarse la pijama. Fallando en todos los tutoriales de youtube que intenta.
  • Virgo: Teniendo encima a sus padres para que arregle su cuarto, cuando solo quiere dormir. Arreglando el desastre que arman los demás.
  • Libra: Escondiendo siempre quien realmente es para complacer a los demás. Lamentando lo grosera que es la gente, sin darse cuenta que el también lo es.
  • Escorpio: Debatiéndose entre hacer feliz a los demás y hacer lo que el cree que es correcto. Mirar fijamente a alguien mientras esta pensando y ser confundido por acosador.
  • Sagitario: Ser criticado constantemente por decir mentiras, pero también por decir la verdad. Todo el mundo se acuerda de sus malos actos, pero nunca de los buenos.
  • Capricornio: Dando siempre lo mejor de el, pero su trabajo nunca es apreciado o reconocido. Manteniendo un exterior de roca, cuando en el interior estas gritando.
  • Acuario: Sintiendose siempre fuera de lugar, pero sin la energía suficiente para encontrar su verdadero lugar en la vida. poniendo toda su energía en cosas que ni sabe si valen la pena.
  • Piscis: Con un constante sentimiento de que la gente esta diciendo todo y nada al mismo tiempo, que no esta leyendo entre las lineas, que se esta perdiendo de algo mas grande. Con el deseo de callar, pero con la imposibilidad de ello.
The signs on a plane

Aries: Eating the little package peanuts and drinking gallons of soda

Taurus: Dead asleep laying on and annoying the person next to you

Gemini: The parent ignoring their screaming child (yes we get it, its a baby, babies cry, but maybe, maybe, you shouldn’t bring it on the airplane then)

Cancer: The poor sap sitting next to Taurus

Leo: Dead tired but can’t fall asleep and checks watch every other minute

Virgo: I guess they didn’t want to buy food from the plane bc they brought a whole 3 course meal in their carry-on bag

Libra: Salty bc the plane has wifi but you have to pay for it

Scorpio: The co-pilot, making bad puns every 10 minutes

Sagittarius: The drunk thats had every liquor on the menu

Capricorn: Hungry af but is also poor af

Aquarius: The dead inside flight attendant dealing with every single idiot ever

Pisces: The loud talking asshat that wont get off the phone

The Signs on an Airplane

Aries: drunk
Taurus: listening to music pretending they’re Ina music video or sharing ear buds
Gemini: angry that the ride is so long
Cancer: asleep on someone’s shoulder
Leo: having personal conversations very loudly and not caring
Virgo: reading quietly but actually re-reading the same line 100 times because they’re distracted
Libra: probably distracting Virgo
Scorpio: watching Netflix and taking selfies
Sagittarius: sketching or drinking, probably both
Capricorn: planning exactly what to do when they land
Aquarius: pretending to sleep so no one talks to them
Pisces: looking for shapes in the clouds


What signs do/think in the airplane
  • Aries: OMG I need to get out of this place, it's so small ! *gets up to go to the bathroom* I need to stretch my legs !
  • Taurus: *looking by the window* Gosh I don't think this is very safe...
  • Gemini: Why can't I get wifi !?
  • Cancer: *sleeping through the whole flight*
  • Leo: *cracks up while watching a funny movie*
  • Virgo: I could be so productive rn !
  • Libra: I hope there'll be cute guys/girls back there...
  • Scorpio: *looking by the window* WOOOW this is so fun !
  • Sagittarius: *lowers the backrest* *puts headphones* *closes eyes* *sighs*
  • Capricorn: *prepares a detailed schedule and a "To do list" for the upcoming vacation*
  • Aquarius: I wonder what my friends are doing rn... I hope they are okay...
  • Pisces: *drawing on a napkin w/ a pen while frequently looking by the window* *sighs* the sky is so beautiful! *eyes get watery*

Aries: Dañando y cambiando planes.

Tauro: Listo para lo que sea.

Géminis: Te diviertes con ellos, pero no son buenos para tener una conversación intima y de sentimiento.

Cáncer: El amigo que te apoya cuando estas triste siempre.

Leo: Frívolo y superficial, pero divertido.

Virgo: No deja tener una conexión con ellos fácilmente, pero son muy buenos amigo cuando los conoces bien.

Libra: El amigo que se enamora cada semana, social y coqueto.

Escorpio: El amigo que te esconde los sentimientos.

Sagitario: Con el que haces retos y aventuras.

Capricornio: El amigo responsable y que te alienta a superarte.

Acuario: Nunca sabe que hacer e indeciso.

Piscis: Te comparte su obsesiones 

The signs on an air plane
  • Aries: talks to the people sitting next to them, befriends new people and is way too loud and annoying for everyone around them
  • Taurus: has taken with their own food and drink, watches movies and enjoys being able to just sit and relax for a bit
  • Gemini: is totally ready to go somewhere and wears the right outfit for the destination but also thinks about what he/she/they should do in case there's a crash.
  • Cancer: Sobbing in a corner because they miss their family/friends
  • Leo: listens to music, is very energetic and will take many selfies of them and their friends
  • Virgo: reads the safety brochure, analyses their surroundings, wants to just chill and not talk a lot
  • Libra: hates having to switch their phone off, and won't be satisfied until they can use their phone again
  • Scorpio: sleeps, flirts with the other passengers or flight attendants
  • Sagittarius: gets up a lot to walk around, is very excited to land and is thinking of many scenarios of things they want to do in the other country
  • Capricorn: reads the newspaper, takes several naps and will try to get some work done on their laptop
  • Aquarius: thinks about what would happen if the plane were to crash, gets very restless
  • Pisces: doodles, puts down the table in front to lay their heads down and sleep on it, and won't be happy unless they get the window seat
Signs on a plane

Aries: Decides to make most of their time and busts out face masks and facial wipes

Taurus: Sleeps through the entire flight and wakes up once to eat

Gemini: Takes the window seat, stares out the window and watches all of the movies

Cancer: Stuck with the middle seat and takes advantage of all the airplane snacks

Leo: Reads through a bunch of books and magazines they brought with them

Virgo: Reads all the safety manuals out of curiosity 

Libra: Doodles over the complimentary napkins with an extra pen

Scorpio: On their computer/tablet playing games or writing

Sagittarius: Sits in the aisle seats and takes off their shoes and puts on a pair of fuzzy socks

Capricorn: Listens to music the entire time 

Aquarius: Downloads an entire season of TV shows and watches them

Pisces: Purchases a bunch of food in the airport terminal and eats them as soon as the plane takes off

conversaciones entre aries (M) y leo (H)

aries: ¿quieres salir a ver una película?

leo: claro ¿con quien mas vamos a ir?

aries: solo los dos ¿por que?

leo: acabo de invitar a libra.

aries: vale uno mas no hace daño.

leo: libra dice que estaba con virgo y con escorpio así que también quieren ir.

aries: vale sera una buena noche.

leo: mi hermana tauro dice que si puede llevar a su novio acuario.

aries: *sarcasmo* ¿por que no invitas a tus primos cáncer y capricornio y a tus compañeros de trabajo piscis y sagitario?

leo: ¡gran idea!

aries: que la pasen bien en el cine.

lección: leo es aveces pasado en sus decisiones, los planes de aries no se deben cambiar nunca.

  • Aries: Lmfao I am not sitting for 12 hours fuck you
  • Sagittarius: *Jumps out of plane with Aries*
  • Taurus: This food is fucking garbage I'm going to file a complaint with the company.
  • Libra: Sexy flight attendant, purposely spills water on Gemini's lap
  • Gemini: Has water spilled on the crotch of their pants and asks Libra to help him clean it up.
  • Cancer: Sits in the back with Pisces to watch movies
  • Aquarius: Next to the pilot, asking them how everyone works, eventually gets escorted out to the back of the plane.
  • Pisces: Cuddling with Cancer, popping sleeping pills. Still asleep during turbulence. And landing. And disembarkation. Possibly dead.
  • Leo: The pilot who announces everything that is happening, talking about their feelings over the intercom, probably gets caught in a storm cloud.
  • Capricorn: Sitting in first class and grumbling about the noise from the rest of the plane.
  • Virgo: Hiding by themselves from the germs of the airplane. Disinfects everything before touching it, wears a mask.
  • Scorpio: Masturbates four times to Libra's ass.
The Signs as People on a Plane

Aries: Snaps at flight attendant.

Taurus: The one who is constantly eating the airplane food.

Gemini: Having an anxiety attack.

Cancer: The obnoxious crying baby.

Leo: Asks for alcohol.

Virgo: Just chilling.

Libra: Listening to music.

Scorpio: The one trying to find wifi on a plane.

Sagittarius: The pilot.

Capricorn: The quiet one who is reading.

Aquarius: Complaining because they cant use their phone.

Pisces: Trying to calm down the Gemini sitting next to

Signs as ways of dying

Aries: plane crash

Taurus: lost in wilderness  

Gemini: murdered

Cancer: food poisoning 

Leo: mauled by wild animal 

Virgo: accidental anthrax poisoning 

Libra: allergic reaction

Scorpio: receives death penalty 

Sagittarius: horse riding accident 

Capricorn: suicide 

Aquarius: accidental electrocution 

Pisces: falls asleep in bath

Signs on a plane
  • Aries: Laughs at comedy, remembers they're on plane, chokes on saliva trying to hold it in
  • Taurus: 100% done with plane food and internally swears at every other annoying passenger
  • Gemini: Going to the bathroom so many times that the aisle is beginning to look like a runway
  • Cancer: Prays the entire way and gets annoyed with the air pressure in their ear
  • Leo: Constantly checks their face with the phone camera after every time they doze off
  • Virgo: Falls asleep the whole way
  • Libra: Entertain themselves with colouring books on flight
  • Scorpio: Gets bored with the in-flight TV and starts fiddling with their own phone
  • Sagittarius: Challenges themselves to watch a horror movie, then accidentally screams too loud when the ghost appears
  • Capricorn: Sits still and thinks about life while staring at the seat in front of them. Gets bored and starts to read the escape directions.
  • Aquarius: Strikes a one-sided conversation with the passenger next to them
  • Pisces: Opens the window and stares at the clouds until someone yells at them to shut the blinds
The signs as underwear in my drawer (I am v bored)
  • Aries: plane white boxer shorts
  • Taurus: green panties
  • Gemini: tight black boxer shorts
  • Cancer: flowered print woman boxers
  • Leo: blue thong
  • Virgo: plad boxers
  • Libra: lace pantie
  • Scorpio: purple thong
  • Sagittarius: white girl boxer briefs
  • Capricorn: striped boxers
  • Aquarius: boxer briefs
  • Pisces: pokedot panties