ari makes cosplays

my favorite thing abt cosplay is doing stupid stuff with people you’ve never met that you have an automatic connection with bc your outfits are from the same fandom

literally at momocon i was dressed as junkrat and found eleven people (five on my side, six on the opposite) crouching at each other through a window and i just joined in and this was just a normal thing


Video 2 of Fursuit Making 101 is now live!

I’m so so so SO sorry for how long it’s taken to get this new video up. Between suit making, Fursace, and my own personal life, things have been quite hectic! But after settling down and really putting my time and engry, I’m ready to say that the project is back on track.

Huge thanks to my friend Time Suppression for creating the video’s intro as well as helping me with editing! Without him, I could have never gotten this video to the level of polish I was shooting for.

Want to see more videos? Check out the Patreon, which is the only way I’m able to keep this project afloat! Just a single $1 from every follower would mean I wouldn’t have to worry about rent and would be able to produce videos EACH WEEK!

And even if you can’t donate, don’t worry! The videos are available to the public, and will all be posted to youtube FOR FREE, FOREVER!


Thought I’d show you all what I’ve been up to today.

Working on my Fourier wig.

It’s still not done, obviously. I need to curl the front pieces, put a couple strips of red in the bangs, and paint a clip to go across the up-do in the back and cover the bobby pins.

This was one of the seasonal winter wigs from Arda. It came in the perfect colors. I didn’t have to do anything to it but trim the bangs.