ari levine

Favorite Men of Each Sign

Aries: Chris (Christopher) Wood

Taurus: Channing Tatum

Gemini: Kanye West

Cancer: Sean O’Pry

Leo: Paul Wesley

Virgo: Dylan O’Brien

Libra:  Will Smith

Scorpio:  Drake (Aubrey Graham) 

Sagittarius: Trey Songz 

Capricorn: Liam Hemsworth

Aquarius: Harry Styles 

Pisces:  Adam Levine

The Signs and their Perfect Celeb Matches (in Alphabetical order, not sign order)

Aries: Jennifer Lawrence/Kanye West
Rihanna/Adam Levine
Capricorn: Megan Fox/Channing Tatum
Gemini: Shakira/Zac Efron
Leo: Beyonce/Tyler Oakley
Libra: Lucy Hale/Dan Howell
Pisces: Ariana Grande/Luke Hemmings
Sagittarius: Angelina Jolie/Troye Sivan
Scorpio: Demi Lovato/Ashton Irwin
Taurus: Shailene Woodley/Zayn Malik
Adele/Louis Tomlinson


We all trust each other’s judgement. Sometimes I’ll be like, “I really don’t like that.” And both Ari and Phil will be like, “You’re trippin’, dog, you’re trippin’.” Or I’ll play something, then Phil will sing it, and then we’ll find it. We’re not the greatest musicians in the world, but we can make some hot shit.

“This was taken right after a portrait session with Bruno Mars and his production partners The Smeezingtons (Philip Lawrence, left, and Ari Levine, right) at their tiny Hollywood studio in January. When I finished the portraits and started packing up my lights, Mars suddenly began playing his partners a new keyboard track he’d been working on. I snuck over and poked my camera through their keyboard equipment, which framed the guys nicely. They were temporarily absorbed in the music, so they didn’t seem to mind.”

"Dep-dep-dep-dep" (Locked Out Of Heaven)
The Smeezingtons
"Dep-dep-dep-dep" (Locked Out Of Heaven)

Sometimes, they're not even instruments. "On ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’ Bruno was like ‘we need a dep-dep-dep-dep’ sound,'" Ari Levine recalls. "I said, ‘Sing it into the microphone’ and then I chopped it up. It sounds like it’s a instrument, but it’s really his voice. We do that a lot."