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the signs as hogwarts students
  • aries: imperius curses almost every one for absolutely no reason
  • taurus: would find the marauders map by accident
  • gemini: would probably search for room of requirements when they're not looking for anything and complains about it
  • cancer: hits up the house elves for food at 2 am
  • leo: is likely to snoop on the prefects for their passwords to their bathroom
  • virgo: takes so many classes in the beginning but drops half of them during the term
  • libra: makes thousands of amortentia to give out amongst the students
  • scorpio: switches potions around just to piss off a bunch of students
  • sagittarius: would sell a bunch of joke sweets
  • capricorn: gets on the good side of the headmaster
  • aquarius: befriends the headboys/headgirls to know shit
  • pisces: talks to the paintings on the walls
Companion’s Zodiac Signs

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. These are what signs I think the companions are. 

Cait: Scorpio. Very willing to fight for her friends. Seems tough to some but very emotional deep down.

Curie: Virgo. Analytical, focused on her goals and striving to help stabilize the Commonwealth. 

Codsworth: Aquarius. A quirky personality, but amazing communication skills. 

Danse: Taurus. Stubborn as fuck, but an absolute teddy bear when you gain his trust. 

Deacon: Leo. Very flamboyant, always the star of the show. Very generous and kind. 

Hancock: Sagittarius. Always up for adventure, an optimistic aura and passion to help others. 

Nick: Libra. Striving to uphold justice and equality in the Commonwealth. 

MacCready: Cancer. Crosses a huge wasteland for his child, and very sweet under his hard shell. 

Piper: Gemini. Energetic, always flitting around to get the next hot story. 

Preston: Pisces. Feels empathy for the woes of others, uses his gift to help them. 

X6-88: Capricorn. Comes across as cold, but is really just disciplined and dedicated to his goals. 

Strong: Aries. Passionate about protecting his loved ones, but is an absolute juggernaut if angered. 

Did I do a good job? What do you think? 


We’ve reached 1.5k followers. 

I honestly never expected to ever reach such a high number before. I’m literally dumbfounded, I have no words, because I still cannot believe it. I am so happy and excited and grateful you don’t understand omg. 

Within the past 200 followers Ari has gained, I’ve also met amazing people and have made friends with so many more. Ari’s numbers are growing every single day, and she just keeps getting so much more interaction. I never thought that an OC, something created by me, would be so popular and loved. 

I am so grateful to all of those who have supported her, even if you weren’t here from the beginning, I’m forever grateful for you being here. I care and love every single one of you, and I really do hope I can talk to all of you soon. 

I made a whole appreciation post for you guys, and you can find that here. However, I think you guys deserve even more of a thank you. Another follow forever, to promo all of you, and though it isn’t much, it’s what I can provide…for now. 

Alright, as always, if I forget you, please do not feel bad. It is not because I do not appreciate you, it is simply because my mind is forgetful and working in about 20 different directions. I’m pretty sure this is going to be updated a few times as I remember people to add. 

Oh well, no more rambling, let’s get to the follow forever! 

People that I am hella close to, on and off tumblr that are amazing baes and really grand, and that you should definitely follow: 

levente-captain-levi: This bae is my first Levi ever – scratch that, Ari’s first interaction ever. She has literally been here since the birth of Ari, and has supported her since. She is the reason Ari is here, and regardless of what she believes, she is an absolutely wonderful Levi. I love everything about her portrayals and she is just an amazing friend. You all need to follow the cuban cutie. 

axioms-sassiest: This is Daci. Do you see Daci? She is a wonderful person. Daci is the person I talk to the most on and off tumblr, and is literally the best person to make headcanons with. She has helped me tremendously with expanding Ari, and she knows how to expand on her own characters, as well as the ones she portrays. And she is a really hella artist, too. I’m glad to say that she is one of my closest friends, and I love her very, very much. She’s also covered in cheeto dust. 

faithfulxforeverx: Literally my older sister. Mika is absolutely amazing. She’s an amazing Mikasa and writes her beautifully, and she was my first Mikasa I have ever roleplayed with. She’s developed such a nice and loving relationship with Ari, and I absolutely love them together. Mika is also another one of the people that I’m hella close to off tumblr, and we talk almost everyday about the most random bullshit ever. She’s been there for me through thick and thin, and she is the least judgmental person I have ever met. I love her with all my heart. 

ragin-jaeger: Speaking of sibling-like relationships, Joey is another person I hold near and dear to my heart. He is such a sweetheart, and he goes through so much shit but can take it all. He was my first Eren, and my most favorite one, at that. I miss him a lot, and we need to start talking a bit more, but I understand that you are incredibly busy. You’ll get through it, hun. I believe in you. All in all, he is absolutely amazing, and I love him to bits. 

scoutingheichou: Another one of the absolute baes that I love with all my heart. Our interactions bring out the awkwardness of the parental figure-like Levi, and it’s fucking great. I love everything about your Levi, and you, the mun, are absolutely adorable as well. Please follow them, they are absolutely amazing. 

theyoungmasterphantomhive: ANOTHER BAE THAT’S BEEN THERE SINCE PRACTICALLY THE BEGINNING. And by beginning I mean like I had no faceclaim for Ari and had this shitty little icon and terrible ass theme omg. This is the bae and I absolutely love their Ciel, they’re absolutely amazing at portraying him. So cute. Ari and his interactions are beautiful. 

kare-no-hogo: This bae is the bae that has given Ari the absolute most support of all my followers. She voices Ari, has made TONS of headcanons for her and helped developed my character, and does amazing fanart for her. She is just an absolute bae from the top to the bottom and I hold her near and dear to my heart. She’s so talented, too. Please follow her! 

thearmoredhomo: CODY AND THE CLACKERS. Just kidding, but oh my god. This Reiner is my absolute favorite Reiner of all time. He does such a good portrayal of him, and he’s such a little cutie, I love him to bits. Writing with him is always exciting, and we need to talk more because i mISS YOU AND YOUR TINY EARS. 

thegreatbritianna: lol I already wrote one for you all you gotta know is that this is the absolute bae that I love with all my heart and just w hoA

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