ari is absolutely one

the signs as hogwarts students
  • aries: imperius curses almost every one for absolutely no reason
  • taurus: would find the marauders map by accident
  • gemini: would probably search for room of requirements when they're not looking for anything and complains about it
  • cancer: hits up the house elves for food at 2 am
  • leo: is likely to snoop on the prefects for their passwords to their bathroom
  • virgo: takes so many classes in the beginning but drops half of them during the term
  • libra: makes thousands of amortentia to give out amongst the students
  • scorpio: switches potions around just to piss off a bunch of students
  • sagittarius: would sell a bunch of joke sweets
  • capricorn: gets on the good side of the headmaster
  • aquarius: befriends the headboys/headgirls to know shit
  • pisces: talks to the paintings on the walls