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This post contains the intention of pointing out basic physical traits according to ascendant/rising sign.  Planets conjunct the ascendant can modify the overall physical body feature and appearance.

With Aries rising with physical body becomes ruled by planet Mars.  Distinctive facial feature are often present that really stand.  The face itself can be of a triangular shape; often long and thick while possessing high cheek bones.  The forehead is often of a broad stature with hair that is rough or wiry.  The hair line, especially in men, is prone to a receding nature at the temple and prone to early hair loss.  

Prominent eye brows are usually present, sometimes being bushy.  The neck line is often thick and muscular; especially if it’s worked on. Often the face, temple or forehead region have scars or marks on them that are distinguishable.

The physical body itself often contains a strong up rite bone structure to support a muscular and athletic body tone.  Despite a more muscular build the body height can be a bit shorter towards average in most cases.  The skin can be golden or have a bronze type tint to it.  The walking is confident with an upright posture about it.  There is much purpose in the steps often ripe with determination.  A healthy looking complexion is a strong way to sum up the overall physical physique.

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Aries: Kat von D

Taurus: Tarte

Gemini: Too Faced

Cancer: Benefit

Leo: Nars

Virgo: bareMinerals 

Libra: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Scorpio: MAC

Sagittarius: Colourpop

Capricorn: BECCA

Aquarius: Urban Decay

Pisces: Jeffree Star Cosmetics

The Signs As Lady Gaga Songs

Aries: Judas // Born This Way

Taurus: Do What U Want // ARTPOP

Gemini: Poker Face // The Fame Monster

Cancer: Born This Way // Born This Way

Leo: Beautiful, Dirty, Rich // The Fame Monster

Virgo: Just Dance // The Fame Monster

Libra: Alejandro // The Fame Monster

Scorpio: Sexxx Dreams // ARTPOP

Sagittarius: Telephone // The Fame Monster

Capricorn: Applause // ARTPOP

Aquarius: Bad Romance // The Fame Monster

Pisces: G.U.Y. // ARTPOP



Mars signs who are...

…assholes to your face: aries, taurus, leo, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius

…assholes behind your back: cancer, gemini, virgo, libra, scorpio, pisces

some things that i wish i’d heard when i was thirteen:

  • don’t do things just because people want you to
  • dress how you want 
  • say what’s on your mind. it’s better to be honest, always
  • be that cheesy, rebellious teenager if you want to be. be that hipster teenager if you want to. be the boy/girl-crazy teen, the ‘quirky’ teen. don’t worry about being cliché
  • if you go out and drink, make sure you go with someone you trust. leave if you need to. match every beer with a water, and take aspirin before you go to bed. eat before you drink, too. 
  • ‘liquor before beer, you’re in the clear. beer before liquor, never sicker.’ memorize this NOW
  • kiss people if you want to kiss them, but –
  • don’t let yourself be pressured into having sex or making out or whatever. if someone tells you to grow up, tell them to shove it. 
  • friends are great. so good. treat them well, they will make you so happy.
  • treat yourself even better, though
  • get in the habit of having a weekly budget. it will save your life when you go to college
  • similarly, learn how to take notes. 
  • don’t stress about what you want to do when you grow up. you can be grown up and graduated with a BFA and still not know what you want to do. there’s always options
  • college is not as scary as everyone makes it seem, but you should still take it seriously
  • do not talk about people behind their back. it is so easy to let this become a bad habit. it’s unhealthy, hurtful, and it will bite you in the ass.
  • don’t be so desperate to be important to someone that you let yourself become a dumping ground. you’re important, too
  • faith is your own choice. not your parents. it’s personal. 
  • speak up, loudly, about what you believe. if people kick you down for it, then speak louder. 
  • try not to get messed up with drugs, and if you do, be careful please
  • staying up late isn’t as cool as you think it is. sleep while you have the time
  • if someone makes you feel unhappy, it’s time to say goodbye to them. you deserve to feel loved. this includes family.

feel free to add!!

The signs as The Weeknd songs

The Hills: Taurus, Sagittarius

Earned it: Cancer, Pisces

Or nah: Scorpio, Capricorn

Shameless: Aries, Libra

Often: Leo, Gemini

Can’t feel my face: Virgo, Aquarius

The Signs when faced with a problem

Aries: *Gets defensive*

Taurus: *Pretends it doesn’t exist*

Gemini: *Procrastinates*

Cancer: *Complains about it to everyone* 

Leo: *Sits there and watches it grow somewhat amused until it blows up in their face*

Virgo: *Loses friends in the process of fixing it*

Libra: *Stops functioning*

Scorpio: *Stuffs their emotions and makes people believe they don’t care until they have an emotional breakdown*

Sagittarius: *Tries to counteract it with humor*

Capricorn: Get in fuckin’ line

Aquarius: ok

Pisces: heLP

The signs as No Face gifs


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facial features of the signs (rising or sun signs)
  • aries: medium sized eyes, very low eyebrows, eyes set far apart, thick eyebrows, curved or straight eyebrows, medium thickness eyelids, wide mouth, thin upper and lower lip, high set ears, large ears, ears don't stick out, short nose, padded nose, straight nose, large jaw, large and wide chin, angular chin, prominent cheekbones, wide cheeks
  • taurus: small eyes, high eyebrows, eyes set far apart, relatively thick eyebrows, angular eyebrows, thick eyelids, small mouth, thin upper lip, large lower lip, average height ears, large ears, ears don't stick out, long nose, bumped or straight nose, small nostrils, large jaw, large chin, small cheekbones, cheeks tapered to chin
  • gemini: big eyes, thick eyelids, eyes far apart, low eyebrows, eyebrows thick at start or end, contradictory or across eyebrow hairs, curved eyebrows, large mouth, large upper and lower lip, ears low, ears are small, ears stick out a little, large jaw, prominent cheekbones, heavily padded cheeks, angular chin
  • cancer: very large eyes, high eyebrows, thin eyebrows, thick eyelids, curved eyebrows, large mouth, large upper lip, small lower lip, low ears, large ears, ears don't stick out, small nose, swayed nose, large nose tip and nostrils, small jaw, small cheekbones, padded cheeks, straight chin
  • leo: small eyes, low eyebrows, eyes far apart, thin eyelids, curved eyebrows, large mouth, large upper and lower lip, long nose, swayed or bumped nose, low ears, small ears, ears stick out, large jaw, large cheekbones, heavily padded cheeks, angular or curved chin, large chin
  • virgo: small eyes, thin eyelids, contradictory eyebrow hair, thick eyebrows, high eyebrows, small mouth, small upper lip, large lower lip, small cheekbones, flat cheeks, short nose, small nostrils, curved chin, medium sized chin and jaw
  • libra: very small or very large eyes, medium thickness eyelids, contradictory eyebrow hair, thick at start eyebrows/thick all over, high eyebrows, large mouth, small upper lip, small lower lip, long nose, straight or bumped nose, large nostrils, flat cheeks, small cheekbones, small chin, medium sized jaw, angular chin
  • scorpio: very small or very large eyes, thick eyelids, very thick or very thin eyebrows, low eyebrows, small mouth, small upper lip, large lower lip, short nose, straight nose, small nostrils, large cheekbones, large chin, curved chin, large jaw
  • sagittarius: medium sized eyes, low eyebrows, deep set eyes, thick eyebrows, straight eyebrows, thin eyelids, wide mouth, large upper lip, medium lower lip, high set ears, small ears, straight nose, large chin, short nose, prominent cheek bones, large cheeks, large jaw
  • capricorn: small eyes, high eyebrows, protruding eyes, eyes close together, contradictory eyebrow hairs, straight eyebrows, thick eyelids, small mouth, small upper and lower lip, ears set at average height, large ears, ears don't stick out, straight nose, long nose, small nostrils, small cheekbones, lightly padded cheeks, large jaw
  • aquarius: very large or very small eyes, deep set eyes, low eyebrows, eyebrow hairs go across, straight eyebrows, thin eyelids, wide mouth, small upper lip, large lower lip, high set ears, small/sticking out ears, bumped or straight nose, long nose, small nostrils, wide/large cheeks, padded cheeks, curved chin, medium sized jaw
  • pisces: high eyebrows, large eyes, thick eyelids,contradictory eyebrow hairs, curved eyebrows, small mouth, large upper lip, large lower lip, high set ears, ears don't stick out, small ears, short nose, swayed nose, padded nose, small cheekbones, thin cheeks, cheeks expand to jaw, small jaw