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The signs as songs from Broadway Musicals

Aries: Don’t Rain on My Parade- Funny Girl

“Don’t tell me not to fly. I’ve simply got to.”

“I’ve gotta fly once, I’ve gotta try once. Only can die once. Right, sir?”

“Life is juicy, juicy and you see, I’ve gotta have my bite, sir.”

“I’ve simply gotta march, my heart’s a drummer!”

Taurus: For Forever- Dear Evan Hansen

“We pick a spot and shoot the breeze, like buddies do.”

“…Wondering how the world might look from up so high.”

“All we see is sky, for forever.”

“I climb ‘til the entire sun shines on my face.”

Gemini: Good Kid- Percy Jackson the Musical: The Lightning Thief

“Everything I ever do is wrong, never find where I belong, everybody on my case.”

“The same old story, the same old song. Don’t act up, don’t act down, be strong.”

 “I swear that I’m a good kid. Yes, I’m good for nothing at all.”

“I never try to do anything, I never mean to hurt anyone.”

Cancer: What I Did For Love- A Chorus Line

“Kiss today goodbye, the sweetness and the sorrow. Wish me luck, the same to you”

“Love is never gone. As we travel on love’s what we’ll remember.”

“Look, my eyes are dry. The gift was ours to borrow.”

“…Point me toward tomorrow. We did what we had to do. Won’t forget, can’t regret what I did for love.”

Leo: I’ve Gotta Crow- Peter Pan

“Conceited? Not me. It’s just that I am what I am, and that’s me.”

“I’m just the cleverest fella ‘twas ever my fortune to know.”

“If I were a very ordinary, every day thing, I’d never be heard cock-a-doodling ‘round like a bird.”

“When I discover the cleverness of a remarkable me, how can I hide it?”

Virgo: Pure Imagination- Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

“Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination.”

“We’ll begin with a spin, traveling in the world of my creation.”

“There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination.”

“Want to be a dreamer, be one anytime you please and please save me one.”

Libra: The Phantom of the Opera- The Phantom of the Opera

“I sleep he sang to me, in dreams he came, that voice which calls to me and speaks my name.”

“Sing once again with me, our strange duet. My power over you grows stronger yet.”

“I am the mask you wear, (it’s me they hear)”

“In all your fantasies, you always knew that man and mystery (were both in you)”

Scorpio: There Are Worse Things I Could Do- Grease

“Even though the neighborhood thinks I’m trashy and no good, I suppose it could be true. But there are worse things I could do”

“Make them think they stand a chance, then refuse to see it through. That’s a thing I’d never do.”

“…Throw my life away on a dream that won’t come true.”

“I could hurt someone like me out of spite or jealousy. I don’t steal and I don’t lie, but I can feel and I can cry.”

Sagittarius: Tomorrow- Annie

“The sun’ll come out tomorrow, so ya gotta hang on ‘til tomorrow, come what may!”

“Just thinking about tomorrow clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow, ‘til there’s none.”

“When I’m stuck with a day that’s gray, and lonely, I just stick out my chin and grin.”

“I love ya, tomorrow! You’re always a day away.”

Capricorn: My Shot- Hamilton

“I’m young, scrappy and hungry and I’m not throwing away my shot.”

“The problem is I got a lot of brains but no polish.”

“Don’t be shocked when your history book mentions me.”

“I’m past patiently waitin’ I’m passionately mashin’ every expectation.”

Aquarius: Maybe This Time- Cabaret

“Maybe this time, I’ll be lucky. Maybe this time he’ll stay.”

“Not a loser anymore, like the last time and the time before.”

“'Lady Peaceful, ’ ‘Lady Happy, ’ that’s what I long to be.”

“All the odds are in my favor, something’s bound to begin!”

Pisces: For Good- Wicked

“We are led to those who help us most to grow.”

“Because I knew you, I have been changed for good.”

“I ask forgiveness for the things I’ve done, you blame me for.”

“I’ve heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason.”

The signs as Dear Evan Hansen characters
  • Evan Hansen: Gemini, Virgo
  • Connor Murphy: Scorpio, Aries
  • Zoe Murphy: Capricorn, Pisces
  • Alana Beck: Aquarius
  • Jared Kleinman: Taurus, Sagittarius
  • Heidi Hansen: Cancer
  • Cynthia Murphy: Libra
  • Larry Murphy: Leo
The signs as lines from Sincerely, Me
  • aries: i’m sending pictures of the most amazing trees
  • taurus: dude i’m proud of you, just keep pushing through
  • gemini: the only man that i love is my dad
  • cancer: stop doing drugs just try to take deep breaths and go on walks
  • leo: all you gotta do i just believe, you can be who you want to be
  • virgo: my sister’s hot (what the hell?) (my bad)
  • libra: our friendship goes beyond, the average kind of bond, but not because we’re gay
  • scorpio: (are we done yet?)
  • sagittarius: (no)
  • capricorn: i like my parents (who says that?)
  • aquarius: (i wanna show that i was, like, a good friend, you know?)
  • pisces: (absolutely not)
Childhood Heroes Astrology

“Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat!”

Sharpay Evans - Leo, Aquarius



“My life is over. I’ve been a good girl… I’ve never lied… Except when necessary. I’ve always bought my parents expensive gifts… Using their credit cards, of course!”

Troy Bolton - Taurus, Scorpio

Bet on It


“Sometimes I don’t wanna be the “basketball guy.” I just wanna be a guy. You know?”

Kelsi Nielsen - Cancer, Virgo

You are the music in me

Just Wanna Be With You

“If you guys wanna rehearse, I’m usually here during free period and after school and even sometimes during biology class. You can come and rehearse with me any time! Or you can come to my house for breakfast, I have a piano, we can rehearse there…”

Ryan Evans - Gemini, Pisces

I Want It All

What I’ve Been Looking For

“Sharpay Evans: When did you turn into one of….them?
Ryan Evans: I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Gabriella Montez - Libra, Capricorn

Breaking Free

I Gotta Go My Own Way

“Did you ever feel like there was a whole other person inside you just looking for a way to come out?”

Chad Danforth - Aries, Sagittarius

I Don’t Dance

The Boys Are Back

“Mr. Danforth, this is a place for learning, not a hockey arena.”

My top three favorite men within each sign

Aries: Paul Rudd, Elton John, Eddie Murphy 

Taurus: James McAvoy, Robert Pattinson, Henry Cavill 

Gemini: Cillian Murphy, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chris Evans

Cancer: Harrison Ford, Sam Claflin, Kevin Hart

Leo: Keith Powers, Sebastian Stan, James Corden

Virgo: Tom Hardy, Lil Yachty, Idris Elba 

Libra: Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, Ezra Miller

Scorpio: Mads Mikkelsen, Adam Driver, Matt Smith

Sagittarius: Jake Gyllenhaal, Samuel L. Jackson, Riz Ahmed

Capricorn: Jude Law, Kim Taehyung, Denzel Washington

Aquarius: Mahershala Ali, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Harry Styles

Pisces: Oscar Isaac, Daniel Craig, Jordan Peele

Dear Evan Hansen - Disappear
  • Even if you’ve always been, that barely-in-the-background kind of guy. You still matter: Taurus, Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo, Gemini, Aries
  • Even if you’re somebody who can’t escape the feeling, that the world’s passed you by. You still matter: Leo, Scorpio, Libra, Sagittarius, Cancer, Aquarius

Places of México that you must visit with your famous boyfriend, that every sign of the zodiac will have assigned.

Aries: Lee pace, Museo de antropologia,México city.

Taurus: Tom hiddleston,Xel-ha,Quintana Roo.

Gemini: Jamie dornan,jardín botánico cosmovitral, Toluca de Lerdo.

Cancer: Henry cavill, el lago,Valle de bravo.

Leo: Tom welling,Capilla del Rosario,Puebla de Zaragoza.


Virgo: Ian somerhalder, Santa María Huatulco , Oaxaca.

Libra: Jake Gyllenhaal,Museo de las Momias,Guanajuato.

Scorpio: Johnny Depp,Peña Bernal,Querètaro. 

Sagittarius:Jared Leto,Mascota, Jalisco. 

Capricorn: Chris Evans,Teotihuacan, México city.

Aquarius: Sebastian stan, Palenque, Chiapas.

Pisces: Chris pine, Todos santos,Baja california sur.

I hope you like it, I’ll do a second part if you want :).


im in the process of writing a tree bros fanfiction which may or may not have gotten wildly out of hand. i hope its worthy of this incredible fandom 

The Signs as the "High School Musical" Girls.
  • Sharpay Evans: Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, Aries.
  • Taylor McKessie: Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, Leo.
  • Gabriella Montez: Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo.

The Signs as Harry Potter Marauders Era Characters pt.1 (Fire)

Aries - Lily Evans

Lilys most notable features are her flaming red hair and her green eyes. She is a very vivacious girl and appears as sweet and kind as well as fiercely and independent and can take care of herself. Nevertheless Lily can be sarcastic, fairly stubborn and sassy. She is a bit of a book worm and over-achiever and is knowing as a talented witch. Her potion master Horace Slughorn even considered her one of the brightest witch he ever knew. Lily has strong principles, is insanely prideful and acts brave and loyal. She would do anything for a friend or person in need. As the Head Girls of Gryffindor Lily has many friends and is always looking for ways to help people.

Leo - Ted Tonks

Magic, to the Tonks family was something you watched on the television so it was a big surprise that Ted turned out a wizard. He loves the exciting new world he was stepping in but family and friends remain the most important things in his life. Ted is a playful, carefree and kind hearted person, not shy but modest. As he was often discriminated by pure blood families, it seems a wonder that he fall in love with Andromeda Black. Ted pours her with affection and attention. Being helpful is something he can’t help but be. Ted also is a fan of teamwork which is why he favors Quidditch. Moreover he has an enjoyable, easy going attitude and has a pure kind and harmless soul.

Sagittarius - Bellatrix Black

Bellatrix is a tall beautiful woman with long, thick, shining black hair, thin lips and dark eyes. As the eldest of the black sisters she learned how to lead and take control over others and she also knows how to take charge in tricky situations. Bellatrix is intelligent but could be easily distracted and has a fierce and dangerous temper. Because she was raised in a pure blooded family, she learned from young age to be prejudiced against non-magical people. Bellatrix shows loyalty towards her principles and the people she loves. Although she appears to be cunning and cruel, she is not incapable of feeling affection for others and she really cares about her younger sisters.

The Signs As Chloe Bennet Quotes:

Aries:  “Chris Evans. Chris… both Chris’ would be nice. And Scarlett. And Loki!! I would like to- NOT LIKE THAT!  …perverts ……..well maybe.”

Taurus: *climbs in through car window with a bag of cookies* “Let’s go.”

Gemini: “I was just staring at mountains, and, like, getting really emotional and excited about the mountain… that did nothing.”

Cancer: “There’s this couch, guys. There’s this couch that I want. I go and take naps on that couch, but it’s… kinda not a subtle thing to steal?”

Leo: “Babes, I found the churros!”

Virgo: “Basically they pulled us-” *baby in crowd coos* “Aww, hi baby.”

Libra: “I ate a bagel while watching them make-out.”

Scorpio: “Cap’s not Hydra… [Stan Lee] doesn’t knoooow. He’s tired. Don’t listen to him you guys. Cap’s a unicorn, listen to me. I know more about Marvel than Stan Lee.”

Sagittarius: “I *snickering* did not know. You know, you’re not supposed to put tongue in there… ”

Capricorn: “Now I’m watching HD tv-” *moves phone to show 2 puppies curled up beside her* “-with the kids.”

Aquarius: “They were like ‘do you wanna be a pop star in China?’, and I was like ‘That sounds like more fun than geometry class.”

Pisces: “Pillows! For naps.”

what celebrity would be your best match
  • Aries: Chris Evans
  • Taurus: Chance Crawford
  • Gemini: James Franco
  • Cancer: Channing Tatum
  • Leo: Zac Efron
  • Virgo: Liam Hemsworth
  • Libra: Andrew Garfield
  • Scorpio: Adam Levine
  • Sagittarius: Taylor Lautner
  • Capricorn: Dylan O'Brien
  • Aquarius: Theo James
  • Pisces: Leonardo DiCaprio