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Adeya: “I’m sure you remember that night when you finally were honest with me," Adeya remarks, her dark eyes focused on Bren'li. "Ever since then there's been one thing I've been meaning to ask you, but haven't gotten a chance to." Not looking away from him, she continues. "If Ari'ya hadn't been here, what would have happened? Would you have tried to have all of us killed? And would you have felt anything while you did it?"

Bren’li scratches at his left ear as he thinks over her questions. “Eh,” he says after a minute, “it’s hard to say what would’ve happened. I wouldna killed you all, that’s certain. You were never on the list, nor were plenty others I could name. But I wouldna had reason to take my time, so I might’ve acted without enough intel. The black mage would be dead, I dare say, and mayhaps that damned Duskwight whose aether sparks like a godsdamned firework. I think I would’ve known within minutes of meeting the summoner that he was all right, and that husband of yours… Well now, I did see him abuse his power once. But it was only once, and I’ve seen him do a world of good. No, I don’t think I would’ve touched him.”

He smiles ruefully, shaking his head as he meets her direct gaze. “Don’t feel much when I kill,” he admits. “The revulsion wore off long years ago, and I won’t let myself take pleasure in it. It’s a job.” He shrugs, and his smile fades. “Just a job.”

You guys always ask me questions but today I’m going to ask you things! Answers welcome via replies and asks :)

1. Do you like the Unidentified Snippets? Should I keep doing them?

2. Why do some people ship Arnav and Khushi as “Arhi?” Isn’t it traditional to take the first syllables of their names, not simply the letters? Is it an IF thing? I must know the story behind this!

3. Have you listened to the Baar Baar Dekho soundtrack? I love all the songs on it!! ‘Nachde Ne Saare’ and ‘Dariya’ are my favourites, though it’s a close call between all of them except ‘Kala Chashma’, which is my least favourite (I feel it doesn’t fit the vibe of the rest of the album?)

4. Bonus Challenge - Internet points up for grabs

WITHOUT WATCHING THE EPISODES IN QUESTION, name one of the many children that make an appearance on the show (but not Aarav or Babli!). Bonus Internet Points up for grabs. Because you may need some help recalling the other children:

  • There were nine little girls on the first Navratri, all named in the show
  • Khushi tutored two girls and a boy in Laxmi Nagar
  • Khushi tutored two boys and two girls in Shantivan
  • Khushi and Arnav spoke to some kids when she changed his tyre
  • Arnav met a little girl at the temple and bought her doves
  • There were little kids running around during Prieto’s wedding

Not all of them were named, but most were :)

Plot & Story Meme

♦ Coerul’s Whisker Tavern (Where she works and currently lives)

♦ Arhi’s ( @themiqoteavenue ) Mother. (Dikay has gotten close to finding Arhi’s abusive mother, which has caused her to set her sights on U'ra in hopes of halting his movements)
♦ Enemies of the Scions ( Part time Scion/Adventurer, usually travels with Dikay)

♦ U'ratuo x Dikay (her husband)
♦ U'ratuo and Shofie ( @shofie-ffxiv ; one of her Employers (?) at the tavern, and really good friend)
♦ U'ratuo and Raih (best friends, she often plays music for Raih’s dances)

♦ Grimoire from Dikay that she uses for her arcane/summoning studies. She takes very good care of it
♦ Her wedding ring. Its always on her person, be it her finger or around her neck as a necklace
♦ Her bow she received in Tailfeather.
♦ Dried purple rose she wears in her hair

♦ Dikay (husband)
♦ A'rihnn (Friend and co-worker ; @lance-of-fury )
♦ Rhen (Employer, someone she feels she can trust ( @rhen-ffxiv )
♦ Lance (childhood friend of Dikays, she trusts him as a comrade but they two are not necessarily close)
♦ Arhi (Best friend much like Raih and Shofie. They sing duets often)

♦ Saving herself from the Amalj'aa, resulting in her blinded eye
♦ That day in the shroud after Sequoia’s wedding that lead to her and Dikay finally getting together
♦ Her own wedding with Dikay
♦ Magical night at the inn in Limsa Lominsa after Dikay rescued her.
♦ That night at the tavern she tried a heavily mixed drink
♦ Learning the proper way to summon carbuncle under Jace’s ( @jace-hunter ) teachings

♦ “This is fascinating! I wish to learn more!” ♦ “Lady Azyema, please bless us this day..” ♦ “I am a bard, yes, but singing alone in front of others is embarrassing.” ♦ “I make my own clothes, you know!” ♦ “Now, don’t get mad…” ♦ “I assumed it was from know, chocobos?” ♦ “The desert takes, and rarely gives..” ___

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( ˘ ³˘)❤ from Ari'ya for Bren'li ❤

Bren’li is dozing on the beach at sunset when he’s awakened by a gentle kiss. His tail lashes once against the sand, and then he opens his pale blue eyes. “Caught me napping, have you?” he murmurs as he’s sees Ari’ya’s face looming over him. His lips quirk in amusement, and he lifts the arm that’s been tucked at his side. There’s a gleaming dagger in his right hand. “You’re lucky I know the feel of your aether, lad,” he comments, sitting up and shaking some of the sand from his hair. Then he reaches for the collar of Ari’ya’s robe and pulls him down for another, much fiercer kiss.