Star vs the Forces of Evil theory

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The main thing I wanted to focus on in this, is the queens of Mewni and how they’re stories might affect Star’s journey.To do that, I feel it is necessary to bring up what exactly their pedestals said.

Celena the Shy; What hides behind the golden fan the hand does sweetly hold, a trove of cosmic secrets that will never be told.
In the episode ‘Into the Wand’, Celena is the first tapestry Star really looks at, and Star immediately goes; “Great-great grandma Shy!”. Not only does this place Celena as the closest related Queen to star besides for Moon, but it also reveals that Star learned about Celena, probably from her mother, early on. We also came to note that- we don’t know what marks Celena has on her cheeks due to her fan. Some people have theorized however, that she has the diamonds on her cheeks like Moon due to the diamond shape in her wand.
Solaria the Monster Carver; A castle stormed is a hero born, with might as strong as steel. Kneels the void before her and the crushing force she wields.
What really stood out to me is one, the markings on Solaria’s face. Lightning bolts- not one of the classic symbols from a deck of cards like many people theorize, but I feel the need to remind everyone- The symbols on their cheeks can change with their emotions. Whenever Star is bored, they change to hourglasses, and in some cases when she’s fighting, they can change to skulls. Based on the heart Solaria wears on her clothes, I think it’d be a fair bet to say she originally has hearts like Star. Another thing that stood out is that Star literally never mentions anything about her. She reads the pedestal, and then she’s rushing off to get chauncy (I never really bothered to learn his name).

Eclipsa the Queen of Darkness: Eclipsa the queen of mewni to a mewman king was wed, but took a monster for her love and away from Mewni fled.
Eclipsa’s pedestal lets out a hiss of steam as Star passes by, something none of the other pedestals did, and in that steam seemed to be the shape of a face before it cleared. After Star reads her pedestal, she looks… mildly impressed, furthering the idea by saying  'Ohh, bad girl.’ Eclipsa also is mentioned in 'Page turner’ as Moon Butterfly’s (Queen Butterfly presently) 9 great- grandmother. Also In page turner, it’s revealed that Eclipsa wrote an entire chapter of dark spells, ones that didn’t seem to interest Star that much, but affected Marco greatly.

Moon the Undaunted: The immortal monster will long be haunted by the darkest spell of Moon the Undaunted.
Here we see a young Moon, less prim and proper and looking much like her daughter, riding on her pet goat thing, and battling Toffee. Not just battling him so to say but- appearing to be winning, cutting off his famous missing finger. Star even looks baffled at this, saying in clear surprise 'My mom fought toffee?’ Which implies she didn’t know about the fight at all.
It is then that Star’s attention is drawn to the thing currently making her own tapestry, and Toffee’s finger is ripped out of Moon’s tapestry.  

Now, moving on. Obviously I think what’s really important here, is two Queens and Star.
Eclipsa and Solaria.

  • Eclipsa is seen and mentioned many times throughout the few episodes, sometimes not with all that much fondness, and in Page Turner- fear. When Star grab’s toffee’s finger at the end of Into the Wand, it shows toffee, the wand breaking, and Eclipsa’s close up of her face.

    Solaria is simply… a queen we don’t know much about. Her story is basically told on her pedestal, but that’s it. Her castle was stormed and she kicked some monster ass. The end. Unlike everyone else, Star doesn’t say anything about her- this either implies that she’s not important at all, or that her story is one we need to learn ourselves.

    But the main reason I brought it down to Solaria, Eclipsa and Star is…. none of them seemed to have followed the tradition Moon scolds Star for. Eclipsa ran away and fell in love with a monster, the mewmans sworn enemy, and Solaria became a feared monster slayer more than a queen- even shaving her hair off by the looks of it, the family wand becoming a sword in her presence. Star clearly doesn’t like the tradition, and based on her slight respect for Eclipsa… she and Solaria might be the one closest to Star in a magical and personality based sense.

    This is further proven by 'Bon Bon the birthday clown’ where Star casts one of Eclipsa’s dark spells, the All seeing eye.  She does it, perfectly. She casted a dark spell, first try, perfectly. Better yet, when she saw how happy Marco and Jackie were, her jealousy and anger even allowed her to break a wheel on Jackie’s skateboard when she was far away. Those emotions described as 'dark’ by most, activate the darker half of the wands magic- something most people blame Eclipsa for.  

    I feel like Star will unconsciously find herself drifting to Eclipsa more often now that her spell book and her mentor are gone. It’s speculated Star and Marco are bound to be enemies, due to Marco’s monster arm appearing a few times, and how sympathetic he is towards monsters- Since Marco plays a strong role in star’s magic (if you don’t believe me, let me just remind you of how Star managed to achieve 'Dip down’ when she heard Marco reading the chapter of her journal titled 'my thoughts on Marco’ and how both times she saw Marco with Jackie while she was casting magic in bon bon the birthday clown, her magic backfired and activated the green magic- the darker magic- instead) it might not end up well.

  • Now that I got that obvious theory out of the way, time to mention my personal favorite.
  • Marco the king of Darkness.
    Yes yes, I know, 'Come on Arhi! Another Marco turns evil theory?’  
    Yes. Yes actually, but maybe not in the way many people think. Marco is sympathetic towards monsters as we’ve seen in quite a few episodes. That’s point number one- they keep coming for him and his best friend, but he still feels kinda bad about hurting them. Number two, his monster arm. Having it gave him power, something he clearly liked having, and even yelled at Star for her offer to remove the monster arm from him, saying that she could use magic all she wanted, but when it gave HIM an advantage it had to be taken away.
  • To me it almost sounds like it’s not the first time it’s happened.
  • Number three- Toffee calling him a disappointment. This ones kinda meh to me because it could have multiple meanings. A disappointment of a monster, a magical enemy for Star, of a companion of Stars, or maybe- as a relative of Toffee’s.  
  • Number four- Marco’s affinity for magic. Specifically the darker magic. Marco is a human as far as we’re aware- no magical abilities whatso ever. So why did he respond the way he did to reading Eclipsa’s chapter? A chapter of dark spells for wielders of the royal family wand. 

Feel free to talk to me about anything in my theories. My friend wanted me to write it all down and post it here so I’d love to see what you all have to say!


Arnav: If you don’t like these bangles then take them off-
Khushi: And what if I like them?
Arnav: Then why did you-
Khushi: Because I wanted to you to admit it that you bought these bangles for me.
Arnav: I did!
Khushi: Good that you did!
Arnav: Fine, then wear them!
Khushi: Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I am already wearing the bangles.


Another two flowas~~~

Rafflesia (the biggest flower, yet i draw raffy as short as arhi)
Swaddle Babies~ (be warned swaddies a Angel looking Skeleton but a Devil when gets angry or irritated)

Quick guessing game for u: Guess their genders~~ GOOD LUCK ON GUESSING~!!!

Flowertale by @wolffloof

                                       Greek vocabulary

As I listen to music in Greek, I come across new words that I translate and then save. And here’s a list of words I learned these last three days :

(Music is really helpful when it comes to learning a new language)

  • τα δάκρυα (ta dakria)  = the Tears
  • η άνοιξη (i anixi) = the spring
  • τα γόνατα (ta gonata)  = the knees
  • τα παιχνίδια (ta pehnidia) = the games
  • η γραμμή (i grammi) = the line
  • η αλήθεια (i alithia) = the truth
  • το ψέμα (to psema) = the lie
  • το όνειρο (to oniro) = the dream
  • τα φώτα (ta fota) = the lights
  • Το τέλος (to telos) = the end
  • η αρχή (i arhi) = the beginning
  • το δηλητήριο (to dilitirio) = the poison
  • το σύμπαν (to siban) = the universe
  • η λαχτάρα (i lahtara) = the longing, the craving
  • το μπαλκονι (to balkoni) = the balcony
  • η λογοτεχνία (i logotehnia) = the literature
  • η γνώση (i gnosi) = the knowledge 
  • η ευχή (i efhi) = the wish
  • οι σκέψεις ( i skepsis) = the thoughts 

Yo, can I take a moment to talk about this fuckin kigu right here?

So we’re not disclosing her name and she doesn’t have her own Facebook page yet, but she basically helped form the foundation upon which our group at Anime North operated. She did all this shit to keep us organized, provided emergency cosplay repair, supplied materials for the booth, and even hooked us all up with a super-fancy Chinese dinner on sunday evening.

At the con, she cosplayed (conventional and kigurumi) as Arhi from League of Legends. She was in kig for many hours without a break, handed out a shitload of flyers, helped corral and organize the group while in kig, prolly got more pictures than any of us during that session, and stuck with it despite the dealer’s hall being a fucking zoo, all while looking like a fuckin badass.

And here’s the kicker: It was her first time. Not just in kig, not just in cosplay, but at an anime con at all. She’d never done this before (tho she’d worked trade-shows, apparently), and I don’t know if she’ll ever do it again, but she contributed all her skills to make this event the best one I think I’ve ever attended, and has written two guest blog posts to summarize her experience.

(Also, spoiler: She was one of the few actual women in our group.)


Sometimes some place will be remembered as bad thing happened that makes hard for one to forget. That place will imprint in your heart as a tainted one. But only the touch of love could purify the tainted place and make your heart embrace it because the love shared was far more beautiful to be forgotten. Wonders of love that can heal anything…