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The next day me and Luke went to local movie theatre to watch the last  episode of “Plumbob mysteries“. Luke was very excited about the movie. He said he would tell this story to our grandchildren because “this was legendary”. I didn’t see first 14 episodes of “Plumbob mysteries“, so I didn’t find anything “legendary” in it. I just hope “Plumbob mysteries“ #15 won’t be worse than #14. And yeah, I try not to think about his plan to have grandchildren with me. Mysteries and grandchildren, that’s more than one can take!


 Good Morning from Scotland  
Via Flickr:
On cold January morning, having set my DSLR up to take winter sunrise on the Black Mount behind me, I thought I’d make the most of standing in knee deep snow at -7°C and take this shot on my iPhone, of a frozen and snow covered Loch Bà. Taken with my iPhone - the best camera you have is the one you have with you.


Animated card of the day – 08/13/2015 (special)

Bloodbraid Elf (Planechase 2012) - Altered by the artist.
Princess Mononoke (1997)
Card and movie suggested by special guest Steve Argyle.


When we register ourselves in the Ascended Minion Project, we are asked if there is anything unusual (even exotic) we would like to ask Steve.
I immediately thought about something that could be offered to all of you instead of something physical I would hoard for myself, so I asked if he could suggest a card-scene match for my first guest-oriented post, and I’m honored to offer you the first animated card based on an alter. I hope you all enjoy it!
I would also like to thank both the artist and Justin (Ascended Minion Project) for making this possible. Cheers!

Other animated cards

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Oh, god, no, no, no…  I have a new Supercat head canon.

We all know Cat likes all her mail opened for her.  This… was Kara’s first week on the job.  By this point, she’s entirely used to unpacking Cat’s sex toy purchases, and in fact, mentally rates their quality based on Cat’s mood the following day. via @argyle-s


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