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The signs on The Great British Bake Off
  • Aries: Is overly confident about their showstopper despite not having practiced it at home
  • Taurus: Unnervingly calm at all times. puts the same two spices into everything
  • Gemini: Goes off plan for their showstopper when they see what the other contestants are doing
  • Cancer: The Most™ puns
  • Leo: Argues with Mary and Paul during the judging
  • Virgo: Has a food blog and knows everything despite being like 12
  • Libra: Matches their outfit to their (perfectly iced) cake
  • Scorpio: Steals someones custard
  • Sagittarius: Goes home early because they try to be experimental and put beetroot in a black forest gateaux
  • Capricorn: Has 5 timers and detailed blueprints
  • Aquarius: Struggles not to look disappointed when they think they’re going to get star baker and then don’t
  • Pisces: Goes home half way through. Was just happy to be there. Cries

Imagine going to the local pool with the Beatles. You manage to shout loud enough to make it over their excited ramblings, informing them that they /have/ to put on sunscreen. With loud groans, all of them seemingly comply, jumping one-by-one into the cool, clear water after you’ve properly inspected them. You sit down on the edge of the pool, throwing your legs over the edge and smiling at the pleasant temperature of the water. In front of you, the boys have assembled a shoddy game of chicken: Ringo sits confidently on top of John’s shoulders, while Paul shakily tries to balance himself atop George. You try to hold your laughter as the two bicker;
“Stop wigglin’ up there! We’re gonna lose, and tha game ‘asn’t even started yet,” George shouts, holding tightly on to Paul’s legs. Paul crosses his arms across his chest, lifting his nose;
“It’s not my fault you’ve got tha world’s smallest shoulders,” Paul argues, nearly losing his balance once again. “Ringo doesn’t even ‘ave ta push us- one wrong gust of wind and we’re goin’ down, ye skeleton.”
Sliding down your sunglasses, you make eye contact with John and Ringo, flashing them a knowing wink before nodding your head towards the fighting musicians. John nods in agreement, and in a matter of seconds, Paul and George are submerged.
A few hours of splash fights and races later, you all agree to pack up and return home. As you stand up from your place lying next to the pool, you’re met with strained laughter from John and Paul, eyes filling with fear when you cock and eyebrow.
“What’s so funny then?” you ask curiously, furrowing your brow when they only laugh harder. Turning to your left you ignore the two idiots, searching for your book that Ringo had flung across the pool in an attempt to get you in the water. George, who had sulked off after the failed game of chicken to eat, looks at you with a confused frown.
“What’s wrong wiv you?” he asks past a mouthful of food. Taking a deep breath, you ask what he means, thankful he doesn’t just laugh in return.
“What d'you mean, 'what do you mean’? You’ve gone all red.”
With a sharp gasp, you look down, feeling your stomach drop at the deep tinge of red in most of your skin. In all the chaos it took to put sunscreen on the four, you must have forgotten to put it on /yourself/. You tentatively poke your shoulder- it doesn’t hurt now, you note, but it will eventually.
“Damn…” George gives you a sympathetic look, casting his dark gaze down in his lap before flicking his eyes back towards you.
“If it makes ye feel any better, I’ve always fancied red on you. It’s a good color.”


Science shows school should start much later

Speaking at the British Science Festival in Bradford, England, on Tuesday, neuroscientist and sleep advocate Paul Kelley argued schoolchildren and their adult counterparts should should have much later starts. He suggested a start time as late as 10 a.m. for schools. Such a change could lead to marked improvement in test scores.

sparkling-aria  asked:

give us some mirror Paul

  • Makes the effort to send everyone he knows a thoughtful card on all birthdays/holidays (…E V E R Y O  N  E)
  • a HUGGER
  • really hates seeing pokemon injured, will sometimes wince during battle/cry while apologizing to them afterwards if medical attention is needed
  • Mirror!Reggie (is the more cynical bro) gets annoyed/is constantly arguing w/ Mirror!Paul over how many pokemon he keeps catching/sending home. (You CAN’T expect us to house practically EVERY pokemon you comes across, you need to start being SOMEWHAT selective here?! We just don’t have the space/ money, …why SEVEN Starlys this week? WHY? just pick ONE?)
  • TERRIBLE at trying to lie, is morally opposed to it anyway
  • His “rivalry” with Mirror!Ash has almost zero element of true competition to it? Mirror!Ash actually is kinda pathetic sometimes, but Mirror!Paul is so sweet n kind n supportive. He’s actually TOO nice for his own good? The main reason Mirror!Ash is able to win their league match is due to the ridiculous amount of assistance and encouragement he got during their various encounters throughout Sinnoh
  • He doesn’t abandon Chimchar. He suggests it go w/ Ash instead(making sure Chimchar is cool w/ it first, of course) because they seemed to mesh well during the tag battle and it’s “strong enough already” that maybe Ash could use it more than him? he’s not looking for a trade or anything else in return, he’s just trying to do his “friend” a solid (then infernape is what defeats him at the league, and he’s just so genuinely happy for the both of them :3)

Christians need to stop pointing out, or even arguing, over whether St. Paul wrote this or that Epistle, or whether Christ said this or that thing.

It’s in Scripture. The motivating author is the Holy Spirit. You cannot dismiss a line because of whether it’s author is ‘famous’ or not. Stop it, grow up, and deal with the text we have received.  


Science shows school should start much later

Speaking at the British Science Festival in Bradford, England, in 2015, neuroscientist and sleep advocate Paul Kelley argued schoolchildren and their adult counterparts should should have much later starts. Such a change could lead to marked improvement in test scores. He suggested a specific, much later start time.

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You can say his name, I’m not gonna collapse into a blubbering mess […] Brendan was a lot of things but I’m telling you right now, life with him was never dull. I know that me and Brendan, we used to argue all the time, but he would always make it up to me with a night of… Well, you know. And if I argue with John Paul he makes it up to me with a cup of tea or summat.
—  Ste to Sinead, 9 April 2015

My name is Argus Paul Estabrook and I’m an emerging photographer and artist based in Seoul, South Korea. As a Korean-American, I am deeply interested in Korean identity and the forces that drive it.

I was born in Ulsan, South Korea but my family relocated to the United States just before I started public schooling. After receiving my Masters Degree in Studio Art, I decided to return to the country of my birth to better understand its culture.

While in the States, I studied photography at Virginia Intermont College and received my MFA in Studio Arts from James Madison University. Recently, my body of work was the focus of a featured article in Lomography Magazine. I am also currently exhibiting work in both group and solo shows through out South Korea. Outside of photography, I enjoy creating poetry and have been published in such literary magazines as, Synecdoche Magazine, Driftwood Press, and The Ironic Fantastic.

More of my work can be seen at .

Paulie tried to confront Victor and Victor owned his ass. He then went to Michelle, who also owned his ass. So now he is arguing with Paul and getting his ass owned once again. It’s truly wonderful.

Section of Juno and Argus, Peter Paul Rubens (1610)

Date: February 20, 2015

Location: Kate’s house

Drunkenness: 9/10

Level of Difficulty: 9/10

– OK, full disclosure, once Cait and I decided we were going to have a small get-together at my house on Friday, we more or less set out to make it our drunkest DGDRPiB to date. Cait was already three drinks ahead of me by the time she came over, but I had taken twice as many Fireball shots as her by the time we took the photos. So although Cait insisted she was “ALREADY AT A TEN! KATIE! I’M ALREADY AT A TEN LET’S DO IT RIGHT NOW LET’S DO IIIIIIIT!!” I invariably brought the average down a bit by being able to drink as much as a small horse. I didn’t even factor in poor Shana’s drunk level, as she was Max’s sober driver and yet for some unfathomable reason offered to play the nose picking cherub in what ended up being a totally asinine endeavor.

Problem #1: Cait’s a Shorty McShortShort. Her butt just didn’t reach high enough.
Problem #2: The logistics were such that we spent the majority of the time just trying to work out the geometry of the image, and giggling, and trying not to fall off the toilet, and Kate threatening to push Cait off the toilet, and Shana undoubtedly just sighing and shaking her head because did I mention we only met her that night? Yeah.

I insisted we try it with me as the butt, what with me having a solid six inches on Cait. It worked…ish. But of course we more and stupider bloopers than usual.

P.S. Shana has a super cute Instagram. You should check it out.

Rand Paul: Why Are We Still Bombing Afghanistan?

Rand Paul says that the Afghanis should stand up and defend their own lands, and that America has no reason to continue being at war in Afghanistan.

Written by Jeremy Diamond for CNN:

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, said Tuesday the U.S. military strike that hit a hospital in Afghanistan raises questions over the U.S.’s continued involvement in that country, 14 years after the U.S. first deployed troops there.

Paul argued the U.S. should no longer be fighting the war in Afghanistan and that “the Afghans need to step it up and defend themselves.”

“I think this goes to a bigger question and this is the question President Obama should have to answer: Why are we still at war in Afghanistan? What is the U.S. objective, what’s the U.S. mission and why are we bombing anybody in Afghanistan?” Paul, a GOP presidential candidate, told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Paul argued that while the U.S. “had a clear cut mission” in Afghanistan following the attacks of September 11, 2001, “that’s been long gone for many years now.”

Paul, whose non-interventionist foreign policy views are largely out of step with his party’s hawkish majority, said the U.S. should avoid a “perpetual war” in Afghanistan and said Afghans “should be able to defend themselves” as the U.S. has poured billions of dollars in aid into Afghanistan.

The Kentucky senator, who is also an ophthalmologist, called the U.S.’s unintended strike on a Doctors Without Borders hospital “completely unacceptable” and said he wouldn’t “mind” the impartial, third-party investigation the non-profit organization is calling for in the aftermath of the bombing.

“Tragic accidents will happen when you’re involved with war but I don’t see why we’re still involved in Afghanistan,” Paul said.